Spring forth, the soothing, the magic!

It’s for all to enjoy, today’s perfect moment.

An azure cloudless sky.

A light breeze.

A perfectly-comfortable 74 degrees (23 C).

Spring’s early fickleness is finally giving way to consistently pleasant sunny days — and a quieting of the pollens tsunami that had half the town’s population in a tearful tizzy.

Though I’m unaffected by the local pollens (knock wood), plenty of folks suffer terribly. Unsurprising given the forests all around us. Even made the front pages, the unseasonably high pollen counts, how to find relief in home or OTC remedies and so on. The allergens  have died down, so too the news.

Spring’s here to stay, it seems! The next 2-3 months promise to offer some of the region’s best weather. Autumn would be the other seasonal window.

We get four distinct seasons here — though none is extreme. No bitter cold and mountains of snow of the Northeast, for example, neither scorching blistering heat of Phoenix just to the south.

Still, there’s something so … soothing … magical … renewing … about spring when she shows she’s here to stay.

As the day”s picture-perfect weather signals.

It gets no more splendid and no more perfect as moments for all to share.

Doubtlessly thousands would concur, happily trading in their sniffling, sneezing and swollen itchy red eyes for














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