Where art thou, safety?

Now this … this is living.

The comforts of home. The basics of home. These things elude me. Always have. Hope they don’t always.

I blog from a couch in another’s home — precisely an airbnb.

My first stay in one. It’s a mere 5 miles from where I reside.

The purpose of last night’s overnighter was to suss out this airbnb as a possible extended short-term stay should I not secure new digs by month’s end, when I exit my current living situation — thank god!!

But, as with all things home- and travel-related, one night at this airbnb (the cheapest of the scant choices in my town, incidentally) reminds me of what’s absent in the home arena: safety.

And that is all I care to say on that.

And so as I relax on this cushy couch in this airbnb,¬†lingering but briefly before heading to work (:-( ), I think: “When was the last time I sat on a couch in another’s home and felt relaxed?”

Not even where I currently live, renting a room in “Jerry’s” home, do I do that.

Not only where I currently live can I do that.

It is time to go.

To work.

Time to go.

Out of “Jerry’s” house and life.

God speed to me — and safety be unto me.


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