pop! pop! pop! begins 2017

Bang! goes the beginning of 2017.

I don’t mean the fireworks when the boot dropped on Whiskey Row at midnight — though there was that. (picture the Time Square ball drop on a much smaller scale and a cowboy boot in place of the ball).

Been one bang-up year so far and it’s barely begun!

New Year’s Eve was better than most. After the boot drop, I ventured to (a) the new craft small brewery where (b) I bumped into a cool couple I’d not seen in a while. Good conversation, new friends possibly, good beer — a dandy way to welcome 2017.

New Year’s night. Town’s fairly shut down but discovered a Mexican restaurant that was opened. Intention was to read my book over a cheap beer and free chips and salsa.

Didn’t quite work out. Green Bay Packers were playing — have had my eye on quarterback Aaron Rodgers since he first hit the scene years ago. Not one page of my book got read.

Settling in, I treated myself to a rare proper dinner.

Then when I went to pay, the bartender says: “You know those people who were sitting next to you?”

“Yeah.” We’d chatted a bit.

“They paid for your dinner.”

“What!?” I was flabbergasted. Touched. Shocked really. Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, I said: “I can’t believe it! Never in my life has that happened!!”

My life of 59 years.

“I’ll be paying that forward!”

Amazing. Amazing grace perhaps.

Then there’s housing issues as I attempt to secure new digs. Details unimportant. Suffice it to say it’s been a challenge and a half … and one more half just to complicate it all the more.

But in the past coupla days, things have started to shift, open up more. Leaving me optimistic that I’ll have a place to go that won’t be my car before month’s end.

(love my Subbie but being homeless again … with two jobs … in winter …  deeply problematic.

Stuff percolating on the employment front. Won’t expound at this time so’s not to jinx it.

Oh yeah, I’ve opened a legal case to take my former landlord to court. She done wrong. Her inaction/lack of response as required by law only assists my case.  So that’s good. Though I’m sad legal action’s necessary at all. Wouldn’t be if only people would do the right thing, ya know.

Gotta run.

Just wanted to say things are poppin’ a mere 4 days into 2017. Could be a banner year — for me and definitely will be for America.

Go TRUMP!!!!!





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