Pffffffffft goes the party

The party’s over. As of today. Christmas Eve.

Remember when you were a kid and the minute the parents were away, the cat did play?

Perhaps alcohol “or other substances” were involved. If not, rambunctiousness definitely was!

It was as if … correctional officers (COs)unlocked all the doors on a cell block … walked out … and left the prisoners to play!

Well, that’s the image that works. I had a particularly brutal childhood. Your mileage certainly will differ!

My current living situation needs to end. Pronto. As in by the start of the year — if only someone with a room to rent out appears! So far it hasn’t happened. But there’s, what, a week left in the year? I keep looking every day.

Point is, my roommate’s been away for a week. Today he returns. I’d almost rather have a root canal. I’ve had plenty so the procedure doesn’t bother me. The loss of any/another tooth on the other hand … that’s a whole other story.

When the roommate walks out the door on a trip (he travels occasionally, bring relief to the domestic situation), I don’t hasten to the liquor cabinet first thing. I’m not 11. I’m 59. I can drink any time I wish AND buy it!

But the WEIGHT of the situation (one that’s no longer positive for me) is lifted.

The oppressiveness is eased.

Then he comes back. Literally just as we speak!

And the COs have re-entered the building …

So there ya have it, Santa. No pressure or anything. That request for a new good place to live (and by year’s end is best) — the one desire on my Wish List that I posted the other day — still stands.

I want out. I need out. He wants me out. Get me out, Santa!

Please make the start of 2017 merry and bright and brimming with possibilities and positive change!

Thank you thank you thank you!


a lifelong admirer and believer


p.s. prisoners out from under the thumb and playing even for a day feels so liberating! free! i’m not a convicted felon, as you know, santa, but have certainly lived too much of life like one! as you know. i’d sure like that to end as well but that’s a whole other complicated topic, eh …

p.s.s. thank you again, santa, for listening and gifting me with a door out, literally 🙂






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