Heavenly Hogue? Not quite!

Psychic? No.

Psychotic maybe.

John Hogue is a well-known but not necessarily -renowned self-proclaimed prophet with a web site and books yadayada. I give him credit. He’s made a name for himself. Whether justifiably, that’s his karma and between him and God/Spirit.

He guests time to time on Coast to Coast, the national late-night radio show of questionable credibility and guests of dubious talent and character.

Unsurprisingly, George Noory had plenty of psychics — rather, so called psychics — on his show ahead of the presidential election.

As a curiosity, I noted which known psychics/”psychics” proved accurate after Trump.

Hogue was not among them, though he adamantly declared repeatedly that Clinton would win. For example, an excerpt from his web site:

“For the record, I say, for the last time before the election, it will*. Hillary Clinton will be your new president.”

{*my prophecy come to pass}

Bemused, I dashed off a quick query after Trump’s (resounding) victory. “Really? How’d that prediction work out?”

Hogue’s response was hysterical. “Yes, Really! She is your next president- elect. The popular vote of the people has declared it. The truth declared it.

Haha. Nice try but no. A president-elect is the next person declared the winner in an election who is moving into the White House.

Evidence is substantial that the individual is Donald Trump. It’s he who’s assembling his Cabinet and administrative staff. It’s he who is talked about around the world as the incoming president. Not Clinton.

Yet Hogue maintains that Clinton is the president-elect.

A short email exchange with Hogue shows a person who cannot admit he’s wrong and, worse, produces irrational, even pathetic, workarounds.  Whatever. Nothing new under that sun.

It gets worse. A precursory glance at his site reveals a man who wounds deranged, an individual apparently raging and tortured.

It’s sad. My compassion extends to any deeply-troubled individual.

The world’s filled with charlatans, cranks and clever connivers. In the history of mankind, Hogue is nothing new.

Only thing worse than Hogue and individuals like him is their followers. People who give an individual credibility where credibility is undue — and indeed dangerous to give.

I know individuals who are genuinely psychic, who are truly gifted and powerful with those gifts. They inspire awe and respect.

John Hogue is not among them. All indications are he’s a hoax and a hack. And a very very disturbed human being.

Only one thing left to say:

Merriam-Webster defines president-elect: “a person who has been elected president but who has not officially become president yet”

You may continue insisting that Clinton is the president-elect. That is your free will and right.

However, all evidence within the United States and world point to Donald Trump as the person soon to assume leadership.

So, Mr. Hogue, define president-elect as you wish. I will always pick Merriam-Webster’s definition over yours. Always.


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