Harvest Moon & Other Little Lunacies

A splash o’ this, a dash o’ that kinda day.

Lunar – Lunacy

Harvest moon tonight. So named as it’s the full moon closest to the autumn equinox. A penumbra lunar eclipse also occurring. At 24 degrees Pisces.

Astrological articles abound on that. If so inclined, this one’s pretty good. Easy for laymen yet informational and instructive.

Tonight is day 2 at a “new job.” Hardly seems worth blogging on it so haven’t! And not only ’cause it’s a mere 10 hours a week (2 nights / 5 hours). My interest in the job is zip zero nada. It’s just more menial Lame Crap Job bullshit. BS = no relevance to my life purpose, path or passions.

“A waste of time.”

I put up with it “because it’s what I do.” Even that thinking’s gotten old. REALLY old.

High Tide / High Time

High time I let go of all this crap I impose on myself. This bullshit Lame Crap Jobs as “my new career.” All that I deserve when I’m capable of SO. MUCH. MORE. And HAVE DONE so much more than scrub toilets, mop floors and {fill-in-the-blank of endless menial tasks}.

It’s high time I stop letting shit jobs define me.

High time — nice tie-in with the high tide of tonight’s full moon!

Top o’ the Chart

Astrologically, this eclipse falls smack on my sun in Pisces in the 10th house. The house at the top of circular birth chart. Picture a pie cut into 12 slices. The house at 12 o’clock is the 10th-house of career, life purpose, Work (as opposed to Job).

A significant event when a solar or lunar eclipse conjuncts a personal planet in a birth chart.

Because of where this eclipse falls — in my 10th career house AND precisely on my (Pisces) sun, I take notice.

Lunar eclipses mark endings. They’re very emotional too — lunar / luna / emotions / feelings. Don’t be surprised if your emotions or others’ are intense, running unusually high!

“Coincidentally” — nee synchronistically — I just lost a career job that was very significant, connected to my true self, not just some shit stupid job. Didn’t really lose it of course (it’s right where I left it!). Long story, anyways. It’s over.

Emotions still being processed. Lunar eclipse: trying to find and follow the light through the darkness that eclipses bring.

This eclipse delivers opportunity to FEEL YOUR FEELINGS! Shit! God I hate that! Hahahah, kidding (!?).

To feel and to release.

We all have some work cut out for ourselves with this eclipse in Pisces. Something emotional / metaphysical / etheric. Something internal where the Divine and the personal meet. Something personal but bigger than you too. That’s Pisces. Universal flow and your part in it.

Last but not least, to see the Harvest Moon wax into fruition: here.



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