Craig leads with breaking news

It’s one way to discover you’re out of a job!

A posting on craigslist!

The backstory is tremendous. Some 6 months long. Riddled with incidences with a coworker. A bullying abusive colleague with seniority and greater skills than mine. The workplace kingpin, the “made man” in mob-speak.

Though I wanted to, I did not report the incidences, abuse, complete disrespect or irreparable demise of professionalism (from the colleague toward me) for these past 6 months to the boss.

Reason: A tricky situation. S. could deny it. Distort it. Recast it to make me “the villain.” His seniority and skills he brings to the workplace — also factors. The odds of me losing me job in telling the truth to the boss were much greater than S. losing his.

So I stayed silent and continued doing the best job I could under increasing duress and pressure and negativity. It was more than the abuse from S. that ate away at me. It was the lack of recourse. There was no one I could tell — not without consequences, the loss of my job. No one I could confide in. No friend to turn to even for another point of view or support.

I was on my own. Held my own best I could in a situation where I and I alone was singled out, hated, disrespected, bullied and spit upon metaphorically by the coworker.

I endured it because there was much about the job I liked. Like. Radio is a passion.

The boss was aware of a “personality conflict.” The tip of the icebert.

What he didn’t, doesn’t know is the full extent of the situation, the incidences, the colleague’s truly abusive behaviors that disrespected me AND the workplace.

Then something happened over the weekend (details unnecessary) — the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

I’ve never seen the boss, normally a very patient, forgiving, mild-mannered, more passive than aggressive low-key person, that angry.

He attributed the issue to two employees’ “personality conflict.” Yet it was soooo much more. I just couldn’t tell him.

I didn’t expect to lose my job over this incident that profoundly angered my boss. Neither however was I going to be surprised if I did.

So yesterday — ironically Labor Day, and yes, I worked it — while perusing craigslist, as I do to keep ear to the job market ground, I stumbled upon it. An ad with my job description. Posted just that morning.

Then I knew.

As it was a holiday for the boss (and most staff), he wasn’t present to inform me.

Still to be confirmed:

Is it I who’s been let go? (100% yes is my hunch).

Has the (abusive bullying) colleague involved in this long “personality conflict” also been let go?

I don’t know. Can’t tell. Contradictory wording in the ad. Ad reads plural positions; headline reads singular.

I will know when my boss and I meet and I get the expected pink slip.

Like I wrote, that’s one way to discover you’ve lost your job! See it on craiglist. The great revealer. The teller of “secrets.” The breaker of hot news.

Who knew?!

For now, will leave it at that.

Wow! Such sea changes!

First a deep sudden uprooting from my home, now the end, presumably, of a dream job. Once a dream job, I should state. My sole source of income.

Massive changes on the home and work front simultaneously. QUITE the handful! Mouthful. Body-full. All levels-full!

Not a religious person one bit. Times like these, though, cause me to wonder: about a greater force, higher force, spiritual force at work — or play.

When the rug’s pulled out from under and everything in the room’s turned upside down and topsy turvy suddenly:

What do you believe in?

Whom do you believe in?

Is there a benevolent force?

A divine plan or purpose to all things — from tragedies to triumphs?

I don’t have answers, only speculations and wonder.

And, I daresay, a need for a new job! Correction: better work. Meaningful work. Prospering work. A return to the purposeful path from which I have strayed too long and too far.

I rest knowing that “even the worst things” happen for a reason.

Two options.

When a door’s shut, even slammed suddenly, you can choose to be a victim and dwell, moan, play the “woe is me card.”

Or you can choose to see it as opportunity for better. For even much-needed improvement. A new road. Uncharted territory. A mystery. A new storyline.

I like and choose the latter. 🙂


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