Not Just Moving. Moving a Mountain.

Have I got a story for you!

But not today. Haven’t the energy to dip into the waters 48 hours old.

Frankly, I haven’t the energy for anything! Just going into the kitchen to brew coffee took effort.

I am crashing. Truly exhausted, worn out and fatigued by incredible ongoing non-stop hard work and labors with this move.

I’m not done yet! In two days — Wednesday, Aug. 31 —  I must be out. My time’s very valuable and limited for tomorrow and Wednesday I work 4 p.m. to midnight. Actually, I’m filling in for someone on my final Vacate Day — for extra pressure, reduced move time. Bad timing! 🙂


I have moved a mountain.

Yes, such is the depth and extent of this move, its requirements, umpteen tasks, etc. etc. and etc.

It’s hardest move I’ve ever made! Quite the statement from someone who’s moved like 54, 55 times. It’s been even harder than the move from Japan! Which trust me was no piece of cake — reducing your life into basically two boxes and one duffel bag!

Anyway. There it is. And here I am.

I’ve moved a mountain.

On sheer will. Force of will and pumping adrenaline.

I can’t but think of Genghis Khan. The embodiment of will. Intelligence and strategy too comprised a genius that reshaped Eurasia. My father (and paternal side) it turns out is genetically related to Khan. If you knew my dad, this would surprise you Not At All!

There’s tremendous will in this 5-foot-2 petite body of mine. Causes me to wonder  how much of it is me alone and how much is ancestral! I certainly feel it in my nomadic bent (to put it lightly!) and passionate need for mobility. Off the charts!

Anyway. I digress.

Or do I?

I moved a mountain on will. I also moved it because it had to be done. When there’s work to do, I’m your girl. Your small girl, true, but ohhhhhh the will and strength within! It’s downright frightening!

Enormous unreal supra-human will that can be directed to creation or to destruction.

I know this about myself.

THIS time – for this move — that will’s been used for good. Getting out of a place — either by it vomiting me out or I it, food for thought — and into a way station.

Using my will to destroy, to undo, to raze what I’ve built or have been in the process of building — that comes easily to me. Too easily.

Using my will to create positive — that is a life lesson / teaching / mission.

THIS move, this particular and unique move — the Move of August 2016 — it’s taken more out of me than any move has. Yet I feel the GOOD of it too. The accomplishment. The gratification of Truly Hard Work unceasing.

I love to work.

And that’s why moving, For All Its Labors, suits me. My temperament. My fundamental Need to Work.

Laziness: Ain’t for Me!

Tell THAT to a modern American! Motto: Gimme Gimme Gimme! I’m Entitled Entitled Entitled.

Fuck that!

Speaking of moving. Time stamp: 11:04 a.m. Monday. I best get moving. Today’s chunk of free time is the last before departure in some 48 hours. No dilly-dallying! No succumbing to exhaustion. No letting the muscles liquify!

Move that mountain! A moment to acknowledge and thank my ancestors, my tribe. I feel your presence and from you draw strength.



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