Moving Countdown: 9 Days

So often I’m right — and wish I wasn’t!

To illustrate. Rains and thick gray clouds passing. It’s 70 degrees F (21 C) outside.

Not exactly hot. Yet on — and on and on — runs the neighbor’s evaporative cooler.

Why?! It ain’t hot and he ain’t home!

Here’s why. He’s forgetful. Careless. Negligent.

This near-constant running of the cooler, 24-7 regardless of temperature, weather and despite long absences from home, began three months ago.

I observed his behavior  for a month. And predicted to no one: It’ll be winter — or late autumn when the weather turns cold — by the time he turns it off and keeps it off.

I stand by that prediction.

James hasn’t been a good neighbor. The reasons don’t matter (in terms of the public) any longer. I’m moving by month’s end.

This has been a move of tumult and turmoil — and trauma to some extent. I’ve shared the story in bits and pieces. Her refusal to get the neighbor’s cooler repaired.

The argument with the landlord over a gemstone she took from my yard. Her action wasn’t as cataclysmic as the series of pathetic lies she spewed before returning it — with blame assigned to her husband! Yet another lie. Classy.

My emotions have running full-tilt since June. For various reasons, I was very upset when notified that my lease, up at the end of this month, wasn’t being renewed. I appealed. The landlord said no. One of her favorite words.

After months of a storm, the waters are calming. The sun’s penetrating heavy gray clouds.

I see the good of moving. The gains. The positives that are transpiring and will continue once I’m out.

Not the least of which is physical surroundings unmarred by a rattling high-pitched noise from a swamp cooler that does not need to be on!

I keep having this thought. I’m moving toward a better class of people.

Sounds haughty. Don’t mean it to. Neither am I suggesting that my landlord or neighbor(s) are bad people. They’re not. They’re not gangsta or gangsta-wannabes, like my prior neighbor!

They’re not thieves, drug-dealers or Entitlers demanding the government take care of ’em while lifting nothing but their lazy asses off their couches to grab another bag of chips from the kitchen. The New Modern American. (Work ethic, what the fuck’s that?!?)

Just saying … James with the Noisemaking Montrosity hasn’t been a good neighbor. The landlord hasn’t fulfilled her legal responsibilities. And neighbor Mark didn’t follow through on something that might’ve changed the outcome in this whole mess.

A better class of people await in my next domestic situation (a rental room in a gentleman’s house).

This post began with the neighbor’s swamp cooler running on a cool cloudy day, unnecessarily and wastefully. Circling back, it’s symptomatic of what ails, and has ailed, my stay here for the past three months. People not doing the right thing. People not being considerate, kind, helpful or even courteous.

I let this situation serve as a mirror and reminder of how I too can be more considerate, kind, helpful or even courteous.

On an amusing closing note, I predicted months ago that James would run his cooler unnecessarily and wastefully until the cold season. Then and only then would he finally keep that fucking monstrosity off.

My prediction’s proving right. I’d rather be right than wrong. But then, I’d also rather have a good neighbor than a bad one.

Yes, time to go, onward & upward …


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