Where Luna & Lifeline Collide

Today’s been weird.

One of those days that makes ya wonder whether there’s a full moon. Turns out … there is! Tomorrow! A partial eclipse no less!

At the Costco restroom, I arrive to apparently a rare long line. The reason’s revealed. It’s not a queue for the stalls.

Rather, a number of people gathered around a woman. Guesstimated age 50. Lying motionless on the floor.

A petite woman stretched supine between two stalls (partial, not full, stall walls). Head by the corner of the door. Long manicured sharp pink nails. Short gray hair.

Completely motionless. My first fear that she’s dead is quickly relieved by her elderly mother who’s talking to those gathered.

“She had a seizure. Jody. Jody. Can you hear me?” asks mom kneeling by her daughter. No response. Her breathing’s confirmed. “Her eyes are twitching,” mom says.

“She’s starting to come around. Jody? Jody? Can you hear me?”

Slowly, finally, Jody emerges from unconsciousness, eyes twitch open. “She’s coming back now. She hit her head.”

A Costco employee tells Jody she’s going to slowly move her at the hips to reposition her. Someone else wisely advises against it. “Wait for the paramedics. They’ve been called. They should handle it.”


“Water. I want water,” Jody says weakly. I return with two cups from the snack bar. By then, a half dozen paramedics are arrived. Grilling mom about her daughter’s medical history, former seizures, which includes epilepsy, medications and such.

A wheeled stretcher is raised by the stall. She’s in good hands. My cue to leave.

A human being lying motionless on a floor is an arresting event. Thank god it was happened in a safe environment and at a Costco. A better company and group of people is hard to find.

God bless Jody. Her mother and all who came to Jody’s aid.

Then 20 minutes later I’m driving along a downtown street. In the middle of the road sits a Lifeline vehicle — like the one just spotted at Costco — and a firetruck. Responding to another medical emergency.

In passing, I can but glance through parked cars to the curbside where the event — whatever it was — is winding down, based on unhurried actions of uniformed personnel. Won’t know unless it’s in the paper tomorrow.

I continue running errands, driving. Some 10 minutes, two more Lifeline medical response vehicles pass by separately.

That’s four in a day within an hour.

The fall at Costco, unknown incident on the street, sightings of two more unrelated medical vehicles just thereafter … all remind how fleeting life can be.

A weird day … where Luna & Lifeline meet.

Remember, full moon and partial eclipse tomorrow …








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