Read this. But do not picture it.

Two things never fail to help during distress, depression and despair (the Triple Ds):

Journaling and swimming.

Fortunately today I was able to get the former in — at length (yey!).

But not the latter.

Even though I reserved an hour for my lap swim before work.

Got to the YMCA. Was THRILLED to find the lap pool empty. Best places in civilized society: an empty pool and an empty theater.

And surprised as all get out. It’s summer in Arizona. That means hot. That means TONS of kids — correction: bratty screaming monsters with zero discipline from parents — in the pool.

The YMCA usually reserves a lane or two for adult lap swimmers and God bless ’em for that!

Then I found out why the pool was void of people.

“Someone had an accident.” The guy at the front desk.

Seems the look on my face relayed my first thought: something gruesome.

But no.

“It was a kid” is all he volunteered. “They juuuust shut down the pool. They’ll open it up again in an hour.”

“That’s no good! I’ll be at work in an hour.”

So I was forced to give up a badly-needed and much-anticipated swim.

“Do I want to know what kind of accident?” I asked the guy. Rhetorically.

His response was as expected. “No.”

A kid in a pool. Not hard to imagine.

Not GONNA imagine! Otherwise, I’ll never be able to dip as much as a toe into my beloved pool.

Gotta admit, I’m pissed at the kid. S/he ruined pool playtime and workouts for lots ‘n’ lots of people.

Missing swimming for a few days really exacerbates the internalized pressure cooker. Certainly puts the heat on to get to the pool tomorrow!

The challenge: NOT imagining the kid’s accident that shut down an entire huge (indoor) pool!

Kids. Barf.


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