Martinis, Mars and Mygawd My Neighbor Sucks!

A bad neighbor’s reason to return to martinis.

I stopped drinking in April. Not due to a drinking problem, rather health reasons that required eliminating sugar from the diet.

My improved condition now allows alcohol, in moderation of course. And thank god ‘cuz in summer, nuthin’ like a crisp chilled craft beer!


Coincidentally, when I could reintroduce alcohol is also when the problem with the neighbor and his monstrosity of a noisy swamp cooler began.

Apparently someone up there’s looking out for me after all!

June’s been a shit month because of the bad neighbor. Thank god I journal! Those pages have been my sole outlet for burning rage, hate not of him as a person but as a neighbor, disappointment in him. He can do better. He can and should to be that good neighbor for himself and for others.

He’s been a failure and failed to do what he said he would do, which exposes him as unreliable and as man of words but not action.

I can only hope that things get better – waaaay better — in July.


There’s reason for (very) guarded optimism. The planet Mars.

It went retrograde April 17. Finally finally turned direct yesterday. 4:38 p.m. Pacific Time to be exact. Yep, better believe I was counting the minutes!

Unlike Mercury, Mars rarely retrogrades — every coupla years as opposed to Mercury retrogrades 3-4 times a year.

Very different planets, Mercury ‘n’ Mars, thus too their retrograde effects.

Rather than delineate those differences, I’m gonna speak of Mars retrograde. Lord knows I earned street cred these past two months.

Mars retrograded from Sagittarius into Scorpio. The signs matter but I’m not gonna focus on that either, rather Mars retro generally.

Mars rules Aries. It’s the planet of action. Drive. Initiation. Determination.

Mars is the life force seen in springtime when the flowers crack open the soil and emerge.

Mars is the warrior. The yang. In a birth chart, the sign Mars is in tells us how we express our anger. How we stand up for ourselves.

Mars is physical. It is the Doing planet. It Get Things Done. Mars is assertiveness, courage and actionsfrom conviction.

Like every sign, every planet has positive and negative qualities. One of the negatives of Mars is aggression or forcefulness. Argumentativeness and willfulness. It can be incredibly selfish and me-me-me-first-and-only-me.

Like Kate Hudson (the “actress”), whom I cannot stand. She reeks of Aries. Of “me me me look at me it’s all about me.” Her mom said she came outta the womb that way. Kate has the sun, mercury and mars — three important personal planets — in Aries. Boy can I tell!

So that’s Mars.

A retrograding planet means its traveling in reverse rather than forward. Just like a car.

So the energies turn inward. Inner experiences feelings emotions are amplified, even gain precedence over external experiences.

In retrogrades, the energies associated with that planet — in this case Mars — also get stymied. Blocked. Thwarted from normal expression.

Since Mars is such an actions-and-life-force planet, in retrograde,  all those energies get bottled up. With no outlet.

Can you spell rage?



Energy drains … fatigue … ineffectiveness … actions that don’t come to fruition … actions backfiring. Even the best intentions end up in the sewer!

There’s a terrific article on retrograding Mars here.

I wrote that this Mars retro gave me street cred.

The talk with James about his noisy monstrosity cooler was a month ago. Smack dab in the Mars retro.

It was a great talk.

But he did nothing.

He did none of the things he said he would do: turn it off at night and when he’s away for noise reduction and when it’s not too hot.

I left him a friendly reminder on his door.

Still nothing. No action. No responsibility. No neighborliness from him. Zero. Zip. Nada.

Mars retro. It’s the man in the mob. He’s a knee-capper!

Good news is, this 2-month retro is FINALLY over — as of yesterday. It’ll take a few days for Mars to gain its forward traction and a couple weeks still for the dust to clear.

But with Mars going direct again, things can start moving forward again. The BACKLOG of rage, frustrations, intense conflicts with no solutions or peace accords, that’ll start easing up and clearing out.


So if these past coupla months have been marked with WEIRD confrontations, including, nee especially from total strangers,  agitation, stresses and frustrations of the highest order, hot tempers, impatience (yours and others), know that:

  1. you are not alone!
  2. it really will start getting better; the ways forward will be offered; progress will return.

I have a neighbor who is failing to be a good neighbor. He can be. Will he be? I’ve my doubts. It’ll require him to step up to the plate.

Toward that end, I will be talking with him again WHENEVER I CAN FIND HIM HOME!!!!

It’s 73 degrees outside. Nights are like 50. IT IS NOT NECESSARY FOR THAT SWAMP COOLER TO BE RUNNING. AND CERTAINLY NOT 24/7!!!!

Get with the program, James in #8. Do what you said you would do. Turn the monstrosity off when it’s not too hot.

A fair and reasonable request.

God I’m glad Mars finally went direct! Perhaps now he’ll become a man of his word. A man of action.

Me, I’m a girl of action. On that note, while a martini would soooo hit the spot, I’ve none of the makings so gonna go pour myself that beer!



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