Counting on numbers for the message

What’s in a name? Or number?

A lot actually. The universe is the perfect mathematical composition ever.

Today’s post, however, isn’t about that but a number.

The brain is hard-wired to find patterns and order. It’s why I pay no heed to the whole 11:11 fad. And a fad it is! — with everyone saying they keep seeing it and what does it mean and attributing miraculous and angelic messages to it.

Hey, we can all see 11:11 … twice a day … if we watch our clocks! It’s not God talking to us. It’s our brains wired to note repeating patterns and attribute meaning when there is none. So obviously I’ve not jumped on the 11:11 bandwagon … or any bandwagon ever for that fact!

Which isn’t to say I don’t take notice of recurring numbers outside the mainstream fads.

I do. Take yesterday driving home from work. My beloved Subbie’s odometer displayed:


Caught my eye. And NOT ’cause of some stupid fad! 😀

126621. Mirror Images

126. Mirrored.

Mine’s a good working knowledge of numerology. But wanting to go deeper with this 126, I researched it meaning. Got pretty much diddly-squat.

So like any good unofficial mathematician/researcher, I broke 126 into its components. Following are the simplest meanings of each number for those unfamiliar with numerology:

Number 1:

denotes leadership and success, fresh beginnings, creation, independence, ambition, willpower, assertiveness, initiative.  new beginnings, creation, independence, uniqueness. In tarot, number 1’s associated with The Magician: the creator, manifesting from the ethers to earth.

Number 2:

resonates with balance, service and duty, diplomacy, duality, cooperation,  intuition and insight, partnerships of harmony and disharmony. In tarot, number 2’s associated with The High Priestess: feminine intuition, spirituality, receptivity,

Number 6:

denotes money and material possessions, home and family, nurturing and caring. In tarot, number 6’s associated with The Lovers {not limited to intimate others!}: relationship, cooperation, harmony, interaction, relationship.

I liked Doreen Virtue’s input:

“6 refers to materialism, finances, or earthly worries. Like the Sermon on the Mount, 6’s are a reminder to set your intentions upon more spiritual sights instead of worrying about material needs. Six guides us away from money worries (which will attract money-problems) and has us set our sights upon faith to supply our earthly needs.”

126’s meaning was described thusly (edited for clarity) here:

“The angels seek to remind you that you’ve fulfilled many of your material needs. They wish to reiterate that you’re going to acquire something of great value soon.

Angel number 126 wants you to focus less on material needs and more on spiritual needs. They promise that material desires will be fulfilled if you work harder on your spirituality. Create a balance between your material and spiritual growth.”

By no means do I give undue stock to this one person’s view!

As I said, scant was found on the meaning of 126, nevermind in mirrored form: 126621 so I excerpt what I can find.

It Keeps Adding Up

What I find … interesting … coincidental … synchronistic is this series of events:

A few weeks ago I met a woman, S., at a cafe. Hit it off immediately.

  • Turns out she works in the higher ranks at Whole Foods, aka Whole Paycheck. I’d seen their ad and had thought about applying since I’m needing a second part-time job, I said.
  • She encouraged me to do so plus gave me the name of the head guy (C.) I should contact to follow-up.
  • Last week I telephoned but he’d already left for the day. Said I’d try again.
  • I drive past Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck) every day. Today on the drive-by I was reminded I gotta follow up with that guy. I might’ve stopped in except in T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops I was not dressed for the occasion. “Tomorrow,” I reminded myself.
  • Today at the cafe I think: “I should call C. at Whole Foods. I will, after my coffee.”
  • Some 3 minutes later, in walks the gal from Whole Foods! Hadn’t seen her in weeks though we text occasionally.
  • “Weird! I was just thinking I gotta call C. at Whole Foods and follow up my online application!” I say.
  • “He’s in a meeting now. Every Monday 1 o’clock. He works mornings, better to call him then.”
  • “I’ll do that tomorrow.”

Circling Back to the Start

Returning to 126621.

Perhaps there’s a kernel of substance in that online excerpt above.

My take is: If indeed 126, when reduced to its elements: initiative + cooperation + material needs met through spirituality …

Maybe the message is a nudge to keep looking the Whole Foods direction. Maybe there’s a “reason” my Whole Food thoughts today synced sync with bumping into S. …. from {drum roll} Whole Foods!

Time’ll tell.

Rather numbers 126621 on the beloved Subbie. As good as if not better than any clock!





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