Exposed to The Light.

My landlord.

Strange, powerful and quite telling events in a short three days have exposed K.

It’s like I’m an instrument of light. Shining a beam into dark places of other people.

It’s very strange. Pronounced. Real.

Go with the flow. Keep doing what you’re doing with two criteria: Do the right thing and what is above reproach.

Not looking good for the landlord.

Friday, in interactions about a swamp cooler requiring service and repair, she reneged on her responsibilities and worse.

The landlord-tenant law fortunately is on my side. I can take her to small claims court (if it comes to that — I hope otherwise) and recoup the costs of repairs.

Will that become necessary? Up to her. Time will tell.

Two days later, I discovered a very large gemstone (large and heavy, a “display” piece) missing from my yard (prior post).

Either she or the young dude helper took it. This is certain. Gut tells me who. But I’m not accusing her. I’m not stupid.

I simply email-requested that she see to its return promptly.

Next day now, no response. And no stone.

K. is being exposed by the light as a landlord who attacks first and shirks responsibility and now a thief and possibly also a liar. Time will tell

If she’s not the thief (unlikely), then her hired helper is and she needs to know that.

Either way, she needs to step forth and respond.

The more time that passes that she doesn’t, the worse this gets. It exposes her guilt and adds to mounting evidence of disrespect.

I hope for a positive outcome. I sincerely do.

Feel like I’m being tested. Over and over with some extraordinarily weird situations and interactions with people of sketchy to sociopathic character, of dishonest to deceitful intents and actions.

All I can do and is being asked of me to do is:

  1. Keep doing the right thing, at every turn, no matter what’s thrown my way
  2. Remain above reproach in intent and deed.

That’s what I’ve been doing and will continue to do.

Keep guiding me, Light. Keep guiding me. To do the right thing and the thing above reproach.

Gratitude and thank you.


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