June 9: a red-letter day

Color me yellow for cheerfulness!

Today was a good day.

Not that anything stupendous or extraordinary occurred. So I ask myself, with 4-1/2 hours of the day remaining, what made it so.

Ironic actually that it was a good day — considering that I caught maybe 40 winks. Okay, 50.

Terrible insomnia had me tossing and turning — for three hours! … fluffing and refluffing my pillow … changing positions like cards randomly pulled from a deck and flipped onto a table. Clearly a futile outcome in an effort to sleep early (2 a.m). At some point you best NOT look at a clock, otherwise add an hour to sleeplessness.

Despite the loss, I awoke feeling oddly OK. More importantly, I rose **without a headache** or a migraine. Knock wood. Because I get them so regularly, any day without a headache is a good day.

Let me shout that from the mountaintop!


Any day free of pain is a good day!!

So what made the day good after that?

I tweaked/shifted some things in my space (details unnecessary) with one purpose: to minimize the 24/7 intrusion of my neighbor’s swamp cooler (prior post).

Though the shiftings weren’t large, they were enough to provide some breathing space from that Obnoxious Machine that runs day and night piercing my space and outdoor silence with its high-pitched siren. That boy (neighbor) needs to learn a few things about being a good neighbor — attentive, thoughtful, considerate. He doesn’t get that at all. He’s 20. He’s Oblivious.

Do I still want to take a saw to his screaming metal monstrosity? I do.  Three more months of this crap is more than I signed up for! I make no promises that I won’t be heading to the Rent-a-Center for that … dismantling tool.

Today, however, thankfully my interior tweakings achieved the desired effect of creating some psychological distance from Oblivious Boy’s Siren for a Swamp Cooler. I pray for the end of that GRINDING noise as much as for him to wake up and smell the coffee. He won’t. A boy is a boy is a boy.

So what else made the day good?

After introductory static last week, today I was able to attend a writers’ support group for the first time. Just six of us. A writers’ group is a stretch!

Adult coloring books and pencils are provided for anyone who wants to spread the colored lead while listening to others (in this case two people) read their creative writing aloud. Very casual, unstructured. More chit-chat than writing or reading aloud in that 1-1/2 hours!

It was a nice group, however, or so it seemed. I’ll return next week.

So what else made the day good?

A decent hour at the workplace, a couple of productive healing/therapy meetings.

All said and ultimately I still circle back to the very best part of the day:

No pain! No headache. No migraine. No dizziness, vertigo, nausea or extreme fatigue symptomatic of “walking migraines” as I’ve named them. Like walking pneumonia. You can still function — barely — on auto-pilot though even the simplest task (like reciting your name) is a giant ordeal and challenge.

On those days (which I’m sad to say are more often than not),  you truly should be home in bed, in the darkest of dark rooms, windows sealed to shut out the world. And DEFINITELY a Siren for a Swamp Cooler!


But today wasn’t like that and I am so grateful. Because this day was pain-free, it was: a red-letter day.



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