You work here. You say sayonara in a week.

Can’t help wondering what’s goin’ on at Esoji.

The Japanese restaurant about a mile from my house.

Anyone looking for work on craigslist (aka craigshitlist) and wise to the ways of today’s job market knows:

Any establishment / employer that posts often and repeatedly for positions is a red flag. The place is a sh**hole, the management terrible, the environment’s a sinkhole, the morale and/or work ethics pitiful.

SOMETHING is or SOMETHINGS are going on such that employees don’t stay.

Esoji is one such red flag.

Clearly a revolving door. They seem to post ads every other week. For servers, kitchen help, your basic staff. They even say experience not necessary, we’ll train.

I drive by the place every day but have never eaten there. Or even stopped in to check out the vibe.

However, I take heed of that extremely high rate of turnover. I’ve endured too many jobs like that.

So best to keep on passing by.

Sad. ‘Cause I really really need a second job. Plus just a mile from my house. How convenient!

I’ve got tons of food-service experience, from front end to back, to the lowest of the lowest gross grunt work to customer service to cashiering. Pretty much everything except managing or owning a place.

Note: Lowly menial-wage food-service jobs are NOT my career, merely a means to survive and continue the low self-esteem slave mentality of my upbringing.

Anywho, it’s unfortunate the red flags of Esoji. Because as I said I’ve got so much food-service experience AND 10-1/2 years of Life in Japan under my belt. I’m an ideal candidate, nee hire.

Some places holler:

行く渡してはいけません。 50ドルを収集することはありません。
Iku watashite wa ikemasen. 200-Doru o shūshū suru koto wa arimasen.

Matawa hinto ya chingin matawa waribiki sushi no yūshoku.

Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect 200 dollars.

Or tips or wages or discounted sushi dinners.

Somethings don’t translate well.

Like Monopoly cards in Japanese. 🙂

Keimusho ni ikimasu. Keimusho ni chokusetsu idō shimasu.

Keimusho ni ikimasu. Keimusho ni chokusetsu idō shimasu.


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