Manna for Arizona!

Not your common sight.

Particularly in drought-stricken Arizona.

In a rare case of accuracy by the weathermen, this morning we in central Arizona were treated to:

Rain! {What a concept!}

The ping!ping!ping! on my roof is a delightful song in the heart. The aluminum of a mobile home roof practically brings the outdoors indoors! It’s a lot like sitting in your car in a downpour. A symphony of sound of which I shall never tire.

Ping!ping!ping! morphs into pow!pow!pow! A driving rain? No. Hail! Tiny icy balls clattering like crazy undisciplined kindergartners on my roof. Bouncing off my car in the driveway. Heck, even boing-boing-boing-ing off the dirt!

It’s mid-May — the 17th to be precise. A snowstorm is not unheard of in central and northern Arizona this time of year.

For the most part, we’re coasting comfortably into consistent good warm weather now. Nights hovering in the 40s rather than dipping into the freeze zone.

Hence the hail is a bit of a surprise.

The icy downpour lasts only about 10 minutes, the mini frozen balls even less once they hit ground.

Nonetheless, a delightful way to begin the day. Surely the state’s moisture-starved vegetation and creatures concur.


Hail on back steps



Arizona’s dusty dirt bejeweled by May hail


Hail netted by my hanging laundry thingamajig



An Arizona anomaly!


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