Oh say can you see … who she REALLY is?

No. They don’t see. I do however.

You know the type perhaps.

Girly high-pitched ear-bleeding voice. Hysterical. Drama drama drama everywhere she goes, whether as instigator or participant.

Ingratiating and a kiss-ass. Bats the eyes {batbatbat} and all is forgiven by the bosses, friends, management. Toss the victim card in time to time to keep things Girly Fresh.

Manipulating and a Wrapper-Arounder of others around her finger. Everyone loves ’em. They’re perceived as friendly, uber-social, upbeat, positive and smiling.

But beneath lurks the bride of Frankenstein. No offense to his lady. A female who’ll turn on a dime and attack. Viciously. Only outside the presence of her superiors and “people who matter” or “useful” to her in some fashion.

If someone calls her out, she’ll lie and manipulate her way out. Batbatbat the eyes perhaps, concoct watery eyes, profess how sorry she is and gee I didn’t mean to offend.

All is forgiven.

On her way she goes. The Merry Bitch. The Conniving Cunt.

Let me interject. I’m a words person. Very often words choose me, not the other way around — especially in honing in on and describing another in  nature / personality / character.

The c-word, as it’s euphemistically called, is NOT a word in my day-to-day month-to-month or year-to-year vocabulary. Its meaning is specific, thusly also its use.

Of all the so-called bad words, it’s the strongest and  most descriptive — moreso than even motherfucker. Another word to use selectively and ONLY when truly fitting. Cunt must be used with care, appropriateness and genuine understanding and respect for the word. Anything less than is to do the word and yourself a disservice.

To convey the specificity of this word, I reveal that I’ve been been directly impacted by only two females who fulfill the definition in my 59 years. Not to suggest I’ve not encountered others along life’s road, rather that they’ve been peripheral.

The first is a Kate — a story from the 1990s I won’t tell.

The other is Stacy Lynne (real name tweaked), a Conniving Cunt and unfortunately a coworker.

I’m a highly-astute reader of character. Like a sharp detective-meets-psychologist. BTW, the best detectives and police investigators ARE psychologists within!

My coworkers, not so much.

They fall all over her. They love her. Or most, from what I’ve seen. It’s revolting. SHE’S revolting. That they fawn all over her is HUGELY disappointing. That they don’t see her for who she is and instead her facade and phoniness that’s ALL TOO OBVIOUS to me is … just sad.

Truly sad.

Sometimes I’ll admit that I feel like I’m the only smart one in the room.

Anyways, giftedness is a curse, said my dad, a highly intelligent and also keenly observant person.

My giftedness in seeing people for WHO THEY REALLY ARE and Stacy Lynne for the Conniving Cunt and Queen of Phoniness that she truly is sets me apart.

Giftedness and genius are inherently lonely. Can’t be any other way.

Why can’t people be brighter? Why can’t they see WHAT IS SO DARN OBVIOUS?!?!

Stacy Lynne isn’t that bright. She’s loud. Uncouth. {batbatbat eyes}. Transparent in her phoniness. She is without refinement, subtlety or exceptional smarts. Seeing through doesn’t require the smarts of a rocket scientist.

So why don’t people see it? Are people really that shallow? That glib? That easily charmed by pure manipulation?

Mark Twain was a superb assessor of character (which among things made him a superb writer). What would he say about Stacy Lynn?

  • A twerp in the garb of Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde.
  • Skillful at the charms of batting eyelashes and conjured tears for personal gains.
  • Too stupid to be a politician, a little too clever to be committed to a psych ward.
  • But it’s close.

I can hear him saying that now.

My Big Question: Why must the cunts and bitches of the world be so damn popular and win the love, favoritism and favors of the world? Every time.



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