Ain’t no Hallmark card for THESE mothers.

Mother’s Day.

THE most ignorance-saturated holiday of all.

People think mothers are good. Loving. Protecting. Unconditional. Supportive.

They are not.

People think mothers would give up their lives so that their child could live.

They will not.

People think mothers are snips and snails and puppy dog tails … ribbons and bows and oh how love grows.

No no no no no no no no and no.

I dislike ignorance. But truly hate stupidity.

And that’s what it amounts to. People who think mothers are good. It’s stupidity.

Because mothers AREN’T good.

They will swallow you whole.

They will destroy you if given a chance. And even if not given a chance.

Mothers are hell.

So don’t feed me this fuzzy-wuzzy lovey-dovey warm “ilovemychildsomuch” crap.


Some are downright poisonous. Poisoning. TOXIC. They want you OUT OF EXISTENCE. Simply because you exist and interfere with their own selfishness.

Mother’s Day. Puke.

Puke out the poison.

End of post.



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