Ohhhhmmmm … my, Mercury’s gone reverse

Il est arrivé.

At 10. 20 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time, 1.20 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. 23 degrees Taurus.

Mercury retrograde.

So much is written, including by moi, on the Do’s and Don’ts of Mercury retro. The Planet of Communication in reverse is much maligned, misunderstood and misperceived.


Not-breaking news: It’s not falling. News is:

Mercury, as ruler of Gemini, rules transportation, communication, information exchange, mental processes, thought, scheduling, things electrical and mechanical.

Think of Mercury as a connector. A plug connecting us to the external world and the internal.

In a retro, these things turn wonky. Unreliable. Unpredictable. Static-y.

A person says one thing. The other person hears something entirely different. Or misses some element.

The brain is out to lunch. So mistakes happen at work caused by inattention. The Zone Out. Even otherwise routine tasks have to be redone. Mistakes occur, corrections are required. Hiccups. Burps. Glitches. Annoyances. These are Mercury in reverse.

Fresh ventures don’t pan out. Anything begun in a Mercury retro is pockmarked by annoyances, twists and turns. Example: A job started in a retro will NOT look the same down the road. Avoid signing contracts!

The exception is if you return to a job — the actual place and employer of the past.

Sign a lease, same thing. Unless you lived in that very house/rental prior.  Occupancy will end prematurely and/or will be laced with problems that you’ll want to move. Noisy obnoxious neighbors or barking dog next door anyone?

Do NOT under any circumstances make major purchases! Especially vehicles, computers, appliances, things mechanical, electric. They’ll be buggy, at worse a lemon, for as long as you have them.

Essentially, Mercury retro is all about the RE.

  • Review.
  • Redo.
  • Rethink.
  • Re-examine.
  • Reflect.

Mercury retro used productively means for example:

CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSETS. Rid yourself of clutter. REview what is essential and bid bye-bye to the unnecessary and the dross.

Rethink before you hit the send button on those emails. Are you communicating succinctly. If it can be misconstrued by the recipient, then assume it’ll be. Take steps to minimize miscommunication.

The retro’s perfect for REvisiting your work, editing manuscripts, drafts for fellow writers and editors.

REflect on the past. It’s common for people of our past to REappear. Whether that’s positive or negative, only you can determine. BUT know this. Just because a former love of your life, friend or significant other returns is NOT a sign you should REunite.

Because Merc retro brings the past to us to REview and REthink. To heal the old and move on when Mercury resumes direct motion in a month.

Allow extra time in traveling. Be it on the road, by air or sea, delays are to be expected. Mercury does not GUARANTEE it, rather significantly heightens the possibility.

Fender-benders are very common in a retro. Because people are inattentive. More than usual that is. The best offense thus is to drive super-defensively. Expecting the worst and acting accordingly will help protect you.

I hope this short-short course on Merc retro helps.

It’ll be over. Officially May 22. Add a few days for the dust to clear in the back-end shadow. So about a month from now, we’ll be in good to go and things can begin moving forward productively and cleanly again.

Until then, practice:




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