Trending. ZERO relation to Twitter!

Wooo-wooo word lovers!

Below are factoids for Word Lovers and The Curious.

As a subscriber to Merriam-Webster’s word of the day, I got this email. Pretty damn cool! Merci, M-W!

This week’s top lookups were (almost) all driven by U.S. politics:

The shooting at the U.S. Capitol on 3/28 led to an increase inlookups for both lockdown and shrapnel.

People are curious about legal terms. The news that Trump’s campaign manager was charged with battery led to a surge in lookups for the word on 3/29.

Americans looked up stygian on 3/31, after a Huffington Post article called Trump a “stygian homunculus.”

(My editor’s note: A case of a Post employee pulling out a thesaurus to sound educated, haughty, superior, literary. In truth it comes away as pretentious, pompous, snooty, trying to hard. Just par-for-the-course liberal ridiculous borderline-absurd excrement from the Post.)

Finally, gullible experienced its usual spike on April 1st. It’s in the dictionary—we promise.

What words do you think will trend next week?


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