Flowers & a fellow (who’s not so fine)

Today’s a propitious day.

As concisely as possible, a new flowers regime is begun. Flowers meaning remedies of flowers, cacti, natural elements. The Bach flowers are most commonly known; these however are not from Bach but other companies as yet untried.

I’m super excited to see where these new flowers, botanicals and earthy elementals (focused on themes of Receiving and Creativity) lead.

Having worked with many flower remedies through the years, I can attest to their effectiveness (if the right remedies are chosen) in addressing issues, promoting awareness and growth and heightening one’s vibrations.

Also, I’m “wired for flowers” — and all things in alternative health and healing, including herbs — so energetic shifts are pretty noticeable. Writing on this is a worthy undertaking.

That’s that in a nutshell.

Perhaps the botanicals are speaking already!

At a casual weekly gathering over drinks, I bumped into G, a man around guesstimated 61.

On a Listening Scale of 1-10, 10 being a superb listener (i.e., me, sister) and 1 being terrible, G. rates -10.

He excels, however, in talking. Talking talking talking. He endures and glosses over another’s comments until it’s his turn to speak again. Which is most of the time in his world.

His style of “interaction” is not uncommon. Not by a long shot! Like most yakkers and poor listeners — inseparable traits — he is arrogant, self-centered. He is Mr. Right. As in always right. Mr. Right with interesting stories. I give him that.

As a mate, he’d be gawd-awful.

As a friend, he fares little better. Unless you’re a guy content with talking about common interests. Anything outside G.’s fields of interest, you’d get more response talking to your kitchen table.

We’ve “interacted” on numerous occasions. Today’s took a novel twist. He actually asked what my job is. “I work in radio. Run the board, some announcing, call-screening.”


That flat. That uninterested. That dead-ending.

Emboldened kindly by the new remedies, I took his lackluster response as a launch into a probing discussion about G.’s favorite topic: himself!

The gist: He’s interested in what others say ONLY AS IT APPLIES TO HIM. Only if he can relate. Only if another’s “share” provides him information or a tool useful to him.

The markings of the self-absorbed, n’est pas?

My style of relating is as far on the other end of the scale as could be! I’m a Walking Ear. Selfless. Interested in all things and all people. I can — and have — spent countless hours listening to others. Including total strangers. Learning about their most private secrets.

And they couldn’t tell you my name or single fact about me!

Though I don’t like them — people — I’m fascinated by their behavior both good and bad, helpful and harmful.

I love love love to learn! Mine is a boundless curiosity. Part of what makes me a good listener.

What I learned about G. today is why he’s the arrogant self-centered but also interesting man I recognized him to be on first meeting many months ago.

And anytime ya learn something — be it about someone, from someone or both — that’s always a good thing.

Your mileage may differ. G.’s certainly does. 🙂


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