Be Wrong and Be Paid!

Know the best job in the world to have?


You get to be wrong all the time and still keep your job!

I write this as snow flurries whiz past my window in crowded chaos. Looks like the starting line at the Boston marathon when the proverbial gun goes off.

The weather prediction?

Not a word from the Wise Weathermen about the white stuff! Rain, yes. A 35% chance. Predicted temp of 49 F. It’s 44 F, my thermometer says.

They’re in the ballpark anyhow.

This ain’t some rinky-dink forecasting service. It’s One of the biggest services around. Tons of high-level technology, satellites, yadayada at their disposal.

So how is it that my eyes disprove them – frequently?

Yeah, that snow that’s nowhere to be seen in the forecast is really coming down.

I’d like to be able to write “I wish I had a job like that. Where being wrong consistently has no bearing on my job or pay.” Rest assured, they make much more than I.

But to write that would be a lie.

I’d fire myself for such incompetency. Honest to god. No exaggeration. My work ethics are that impeccable, my commitment to quality product that uncompromising.

To y’all at, I wave my hand bye-bye like those flurries waving past that window. The flurries that you didn’t predict! Your credibility’s gone up in smoke. Sailed down the river. Gone with the wind.

I’d say get with the program but I know better. I’d say find yourselves new jobs. Again, know better.

Biggest difference between you ‘n’ me, aside from the big bucks, is that every night I can go to sleep at night knowing I did good at my job.

The night that you prob’ly forecast as day. 😉


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