People in my home. What a concept!

I’m super excited!

For Friday we party!

We = three ladies also with March birthdays whom I’ve never met. I created the party through (I’m a member of various Meetup groups.)

Okay, I was hoping for a bigger crowd, say 8 or so. But I’m happy for half that! My social life/circle has been nil — or damn close to it! — for way way waaay too long!

My efforts to turn that ship around are strident and sincere. Simply having people in my space is a novel adventure! Well, save for the cable dude or repairman. Having roommates and related dramas and traumas through the years hasn’t exactly encouraged a brisk social life either!

I’m a girl with a plan. A party plan! For the celebration this Friday evening.

First up: Be A Kid!

The guests are requested to bring their favorite food from when they were kids and mom (hopefully) said you can have ANYTHING you want for your birthday dinner!

They’re not to publicly post what the food is! So if we end up with 4 Jellos, so be it! We won’t. Jello wasn’t my fav birthday dish. We could however end up with 3! Point is to be a kid again and surprises! Surprise us with the dish that rings your birthday bell! That’s what birthdays are about. Surprises!

Oh yeah, I am providing cake with candles. Jellos and cake. Okay, not the height of nutrition but hey, it’s our birthday month. Indulge for a day! (P.S. I sure did on my birthday yesterday!)

Next: Get Your Goof On!

Wacky. Tacky. Just plain gross. Bring a white elephant for a gift swap-and-steal. Don’t go into debt for this gift! And if you truly don’t have any white elephants in your closet — I truly do not, minimalist & anti-clutter nazi that I am! — thrift stores are packed with possibilities. Where I’m headed soon!

Next: Bring a sense of humor.

It’s Game On! I loooooooooove fun party board games that both entertain AND engage the brain. (If my brain’s not engaged, I’m out!) Frequent scouring of thrift stores has yielded a trio of classics: Pictionary, Taboo & Cranium. Yes!

Online research returned other huge hits: Wits & Wagers, Balderdash and Cards Against Humanity — which sounds like an ABSOLUTE HOOT! Can’t wait to host a Game Night and play! Soon, soon!

Especially ’cause I’m TOTALLY NOT politically correct AND don’t whine cry and get all offended when someone looks my way like so many Americans do! From all I’ve read, Cards Against Humanity is THE game for people with a SENSE OF HUMOR. Liberals stay home and be miserable.

My vision for parties and play and game nights is a seed longtime beneath the ground. Longtime less-than-fertile soil has prevented that from blossoming.


Tide is turning, life season changing, slowly yet surely. The party Friday is a big deal. A turning in the road. A sign of life getting better and fun ‘n’ play, loooooooooooooooooooooong absent, returning!

Three people in the home doesn’t sound like a lot to most people. However, to me, emerging from the Darkness and Isolation and Extended Deep Freeze, it’s huge!

I’m super excited!

And I thank these three ladies for coming! May our party celebrating our shared birthday month be a blast, our laughter a roar, our shared favorite birthday foods tasty. Even if it means a potluck of 3 Jellos!


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