Yes! I Made It!

What’s there to say today?! Except:

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy birthday dear meeeee.

Happy birthday to you!

Did I write “say”? Make that sing!

It is indeed my birthday. March 15. Ides of March. Historically and culturally significant as the day that Caesar was killed.

Not to put a dampener on the day! Wasn’t there, neither am I responsible. Those dudes’ll hafta duke it out and figure it out through their own karmic paths.

Today’s birthday has a little more punch than the norm. It’s the last of my 50s. Next year’s the big 6-0. Wow! Yikes! I’m gettin’ up there in the years!

However, today’s not the day to think that far ahead.  Plenty of days for that.

Today, at 59, I’m grateful to be alive. That simple. That real. That poignant.

That gratitude of simply being alive hasn’t characterized many former birthdays. Or really any, if I’m to be honest.

Today, however, I feel the winds of change beneath my feet. Lifting me with my bare feet ever so gently off the ground and moving me forward. Like an invisible walkway they’ve got at airports.

Moving me along, in a slow glide, away from the Darkness. The Darkness (most acute 2008-2011) that nearly killed me, destroyed me.

Yikes! Such painful words to speak on this birthday! Let them be spoken and immediately cleansed from the air!


swwwwiiiiishhh swwwwwwwiiiishhh sweeps the cosmic featherduster!

There! Done!


Who am I? 59 begs the question. Food for contemplation for sure. Much could be written, expressed, revealed.

In greatest brevity, I’m a storehouse of stories.

Now’s not the time for more.

It’s enough to say, simply:

I am alive!

I thank my mother for being a part of the process and plan, the grander plan that ALL of our lives are.

I thank my father, too, for his part of the process and plan and, most of all, for wanting me to be born. (Not a sentiment my mother shared; can, does that wound ever heal?)

I thank me, my spirit, for having the courage to return to the planet for another lifetime. This lifetime. Took a lot of guts and fortitude to take that on.

Is there still work to do? Uh-huh uh-huh! Give me the strength and grace to do it. Do it all!

I am grateful to be alive.

And on that closing note … cake!










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