Birthday Me! Almost. Game’s On!

Balderdash. Cards Against Humanity. Wits ‘n’ Wagers.

In alphabetical order.

Have I got an opinion? Nein. Have I played these? Not a one!

These party games get rave reviews! On that basis, the trio’s soon to arrive, thank you, Amazon. 🙂

Today’s the eve-eve of my birthday. The Ides of March — 50 points if you know the historical significance of March 15!

So few Americans know! Then again, too few can write a basic proper sentence or know the difference between your/you’re, there/their and its/it’s — do not get me started on that one!

There’s a lot I wish to create and accomplish in this coming birthday year.

  • Writing for pay. Supporting myself through meaningful and creative work. Life-purposeful work. Top of the list.
  • Play! The era of living under the dark cloud is passed. (Past) time to let the sun into my world.
  • Shine! Me. (Past) time for me to shine! To come out from the grave, from under the rock and be. Just Be. Without fear of reprisals, repressions, repercussions and severe punishments that defined my childhood. Learning to Be and Become: big yes!
  • Social connections. Friends. A support system loooong denied me. Also on the Birthday Wish List.

Say hellooooooo to Game Night!

I’m birthing it as we speak.

I loooooove fun party games! Up until recently, I didn’t have a board game. Hell, I didn’t even have a bed! The nomadic life of me and the Subaru dictated what goes with in my umpteenth move.

Now is the chapter of acquisition. Of learning to have. And to receive instead of constantly constantly giving away and giving to others. At many dear personal costs.

The Season of Balance is upon me.

Balderdash. Cards Against Humanity. Wits ‘n’ Wagers.

Have been searching thrift stores for a while hoping to find any or all of ’em. Not a one to be found!

So on behalf of my birthday and the FUN I want to bring into my life — nee, my life desperately needs! — I bit the $ bullet and ordered ’em online.

Whether they arrive in time for the birthday bash on Friday the 18th, only the delivery man knows for sure.

If they don’t, it won’t be a party-pooper.  I did find other super-fun party games, according to widespread reviews, at a thrift store:

Taboo. Cranium. Pictionary.

So let’s get this party on! Play! Laugh! Outwit one another! Lie to one another! Outdraw or outdo one another with fabulous clues!

I’m ready to roll! To leave the Darkness of the past IN the past, where it belongs, and ENJOY life again!

Yes Me! Yes to me in life! Yes to all the good and abundance that the Divine has in store for me!

In this year, the wrap-up of my 50s. Make it matter! Make it count! Make it about me in the best of ways! Creative. Purposeful. My path — not my dad’s or my mother’s or anyone else’s. Me and the Divine.

Make it about my growth, not me helping everyone else achieve theirs while I languish and shrivel and go unheeded and unseen in the background.

Let me live! Shine! And play play play!

birthday-candlesMy birthday wishes … even before any candles are even lit!

Which reminds me. While I’m working on my birthday, there will be cake. I’ll see to that myself — and trust my workmates to consume.

Stay tuned for cake. Chocolate chocolate chocolate!

For now, cheerio! Oh yeah, if any of you has played any of these games, your commentary is most invited!


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