Dawn, dang nabbit!

Not every day I see it.  Or any.

The light of early morning.

Lemme tell ya, it’s a whole other world!

I’m a creature of the night. Always have been. In childhood, it was difficult to unwind and get to bed at the appointed time (that my father enforced in no uncertain terms as he did all rules, believe me!) for school the next day.

Adult living didn’t change that. Neither did jobs. Most people think 9 o’clock’s a reasonable time to start work.

I agree. If there’s a p.m. after the 9!

My start time at jobs have run the gamut. From 4 a.m. to 4 p.m. The differences are extraordinary — beyond those obvious in dawn or dusk.

From physiology to mental prowess to alertness to general wellbeing, as I’ve oft said, it behooves me and an employer to have me on late shifts.

Except graveyard. Don’t want to work — and shouldn’t any 2 to 10 a.m. shift! I could — by circadian rhythm. But that returns its own brand of deleterious effect.

I’m wired like a vampire. I need to be in the dark in bed before daybreak. Otherwise, I do melt and smoke. In my ways.

I’m blessed to have a job (PT) I love AND the late shift! Wacky schedule. Some days I work just 4-5 p.m.; others 4 p.m. to midnight.

Today I saw a whole other side to the day and radio station operations not normally seen.  By virtue of filling in for someone from 8 to 9 a.m.

Again. a.m.!

I admit. I cringed and gritted my teeth when the boss inquired. His fallback plan, while doable, was shy of ideal.

I’m a team player. A fiercely individualistic, autonomous and self-motivated one but a team player nonetheless. The good of the whole — task, business operation, work needs — trumps all else.

So I sacrificed: sleep — some 4 hours of it — to do call-screening for an hour.

Set the alarm for the latest possible minute. 7:23 a.m. Big deal! most of you. are say. So what?! I get up before that every day to go to my job!

But remember, I’m nocturnal. My day doesn’t really get rolling ’til 2 p.m.

My normal bedtime’s 3 a.m. But I’m known to get a second wind at 2 a.m., which too often leads to lights out at 4 or 5 a.m. if I’m not careful.

Normal wakeup time pushes 11 a.m.-ish. High noon’s greeted me in the mornings way more than dawn! Like today.

I hardly recognized the view out my window when I auto-piloted my way out of bed … to the kettle to boil water for the filter and cup in wait. Set that all up last night knowing my brain’d be comparatively useless at 7.30.

The radiant fresh light showering the trees and their fresh arrivals: tender springtime leaves. The blue of the sky awash with white light. The crispness and cleanness of it all. It was beautiful.

It’s enough to make ya wanna be a morning person Not!

Funny, the significance of light. I’m exquisitely sensitive to it. Not only in a photographer’s eye but the holistic brain/body connection.

Not everyone’s that tuned in; I get that. That whole pineal gland thang is so ramped up & functioning at a high vibration that I can’t help but notice the finest most subtle differences in light and dark, day and night.

I’d be lying if I wrote that I couldn’t wait to get up at 7.24 this morning. Thankfully insomnia (of which I’m highly prone) didn’t weasel in so I was able to get a few hours of shut-eye!

Time now: 11.11 in the morn.

Normally I’d be just stirring into alertness about now. Yet here I sit, in a cafe, already nearly 4 hours of daytime already under my belt. Yiiiiiikes! Don’t even know what to do with myself for the next 5 hours before the 4 p.m. shift at the station.

I love this chunk of free time. Yet I’m weirded and wired today. Jet-lagged without benefits of travel. Zombied. No relation to “The Walking Dead.”

Its quite the sensation. Like being under sedation, to quote from “Rocky Horror.” Now there’s creatures in kind and kinship.

‘Night now. I mean, see y’all down the road to Transylvaaaaniah … ahah…


yes, master creature of the night



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