Birthday Bob

Happy Birthday, Bob H.!

Funny what we remember and forget as we age.

I can’t remember whether I turned off the burner or what I came into the kitchen to do or had for dinner yesterday.

Yet I never forget that Feb. 19 is Bob’s birthday! Bob – my first serious boyfriend back in high school. Some 40 years ago.

Studies and theories of the way memory works — or doesn’t work — as we get older abound. Today’s post is not exploration thereof.

Rather, it’s simply to relay good thoughts and wishes through the stratosphere to Bob H. on this day marking his 59th revolution around the sun. Next year, the big 6-0.

I hope he is well, happy and healthy and still has that sharp wit and sense of humor that used to crack me up!

Happy Birthday, Bob!

'How am I doin', guys?  Guys?'

‘How am I doin’, guys? Guys?’


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