Grrrrrr! 58 points, s’il vous plaît!

B-2. T-6. J-1.

Calls at the bingo hall? Sure.

But I’m not with the gray-haireds at bingo. I’m at home counting out the Scrabble tiles.

See, — or should that be C — my old old Scrabble board is one of the delightful discoveries unearthed in a load of stuff recently relocated from long storage in Utah to my residence in Arizona.

That experience alone has 15 meaningful story lines coursing through like veins and arteries through the body. I shan’t go there. Not today.

So, Scrabble. I’ve moved so much (guesstimated 54 times) that I can’t recall where I picked up this board. Likely it was in the 1980s. Bought used from a thrift store.

Ticks me off when people donate items with parts missing or nonworking. It’s not right.

Like this Scrabble board.

On a longtime niggling hunch, I finally sit down and count out the letter distribution. It’s printed on the board plus easily found online.


A-Z all in their rows

Five tiles! Five freakin’ tiles are missing!

BTW, that tile in the middle that’s burned black? It’s’s an M. Came like that.

Not just any ol’ tiles are missing either! Not the 1-pointer common tiles. Like A. There’s nine of those. Or an O … eight of those. Players can squeak by if one of those happens to be missing.

Among the absent tiles: the letter X. There’s just one of those. Worth a hefty 8 points.

So for years, there could be, well, like, no sex in Scrabble.

And the all-important and invaluable Z. Only one of those … a whopper at 10 points! — and the highest tile value of any.

(So shame on the person who donated this board. You should’ve included a note.)

Missing letters determined, I look around for materials to make ’em.

Sure, individual Scrabble tiles can be purchased online.

But I’ve neither the time — with a game scheduled the next day — or need. If I can make something myself, I will!

Clean cardboard in the storage shed shall work. I measure meticulously and cut carefully with a box cutter, a tool well worth the expense.

With black marker, print the missing letters and their point value found online. Yey to the Internet!


Homemade tiles. Sadly, also the spelling of “nixes” on social media. 😦

Only flaw in my otherwise perfect replacement plan is the height. As you can see, the cardboard tiles, though perfectly sized to fit in the board squares, are about half the height of the proper tiles.


Homemade tiles shortchanged in height

That can be remedied with a second layer of cardboard, glued. Or may just leave them as is. A charming quirk to an old thrift-store find. (Incomplete though it be, grrrrrr!

Grrrrrr … worth 8 points PLUS bonus 50 Scrabble points! 58!

A Scrabble mate and I had no probs playing with the homemade tiles. Thanks to my ingenuity, “zip” and “zed” and “zoo” and “zit” and other words containing that invaluable 10-pointer Z are once again doable.

Yes, I’m a real:


Scrabble! 50 points please!


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