A freak delivers the fray

I’m being challenged by a woman / coworker who’s, well, insane?

Okay, perhaps that’s overstating. Still. There’s something wrong with this new employee. I see it. Observe it. Feel it. Smell it. Know it.

She is a freak in the workplace. And she is delivering unto it a fray. A fray that simply did not exist until her arrival.

“Unfortunately,” I’m always the first to know these things! Sometimes takes people 6 months to see what I become aware of in the first 6 minutes in a personal encounter. Ahead of the curve it’s called.

Details of the new employee’s arrival, presence and encounters within the group and with me individually are not important here.

The salient points are that

  • There’s something wrong with her. Mentally, emotionally, psychically. I don’t know her well enough to put my finger on it. But I know.
  • She is not who she is pretending to be. If that makes her a liar, then a liar she is.
  • She cannot be trusted in the workplace. Whether she can be trusted in her private life is of no concern.
  • She is scary somewhat. Not dangerous and not “bad.” She is scary in the sense of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. One-minute-smiling-the-next minute-stabbing-you-in-the-back scary.
  • She can be full of herself which therefore renders her unteachable at the job to a point.
  • She is dangerous to the group harmony and flow in the workplace. She IS the nail that sticks out, as they say in Japan, but not in helpful way. She is the thorn in the dog’s paw, the loud spoiled brat in the classroom, the bitch by the water cooler. Grapevines were made for her.

Yep, quick salient points, all.

Here’s the issue. S. is not as asset to the small office.

Unfortunately, the staff doesn’t know that yet (though intuition tells me that the office manager is catching wind of that fact).

They’re too caught up in her sycophantic unnatural overexuberant overexcited hysterical schmoozing.

Giving some coworkers huuuuuuge bear hugs two weeks into a *very part-time job* (around 13 hours/wk.) like they’re her best friends of 10 years … I mean, c’mon!

Something’s wrong with S.

Fortunately — rather thank God! — I don’t have to work directly with her. She works early mornings, I work late nights.

Still, we do cross paths and interact at the weekly staff meetings. My job also includes training her to a limited degree.

She’s throwing that training right back in my face. Total disrespect. Totally unprofessional.

My boss, I like my boss. I respect him. However, a fountain of intuition he is not. A highly-skilled astute judge of character, not so much.

He blew it hiring this person. Plain ‘n’ simple.

But hired he did. She is there. It is what it is.

I see more of who S. is with every encounter, every staff meeting. Whether I like her (or anyone) is really not important to me. It really isn’t.

Whether I respect a person is primary.

S. has given me no reason to respect her as a person or worker.

And that sucks. Because we’re a small group. Like a family.

I don’t like being in the same room with her. However, she will be for as long as she’s employed there. So it’s up to me to process this stuff, detach and focus on the positives:

  • Do my job and do it well.
  • Continue to develop new skills.
  • Remain in gratitude for having a job that I love and having coworkers that I like (new one excepted).
  • Let the love for my job lead the way, like a lantern, down better paths in life, in work, in personal growth.
  • Practice forgiveness. Because often it’s the people who are the most toxic or damaged in our lives that illuminate our own weaknesses or shortcomings. Once we get the lesson, we become free of it and move on to the next.

Even in this short time since her arrival at the workplace, I can see that she is not a good fit. There is something wrong with her. For that I can nurture my compassion. Choose not to get sucked into her craziness and extreme unbalance. And practice professionalism at any challenge and every turn.

And that’s what I’m gonna do. Learn and grow. Work and grow.




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