My oh my, say bye-bye to Mercury retro

It’s over! Officially today. Until April 28 anyways.

I speak of course of Mercury retrograde.

Mercury reversed course on Jan. 5. at 1 degrees Aquarius. Today, 3-1/2-weeks later, it’s at 14 degrees Capricorn. It turned stationary direct — meaning the planet quit retrograding and slowly resumes its “normal” forward motion — at 4:50 p.m. East Coast time.

The Web’s replete with the Mercury retrograde phenomenon (from both an astronomical and astrological perspective), the Do’s and Do Not’s and making positive use of energies when the planet of communication’s traveling in reverse.

As it does typically four times a year for around 3-1/2 weeks at a stint.

But wait!

The next Merc retrograde is nearly four weeks long! {Ugh} From April 28 to May 22. Wholly in Taurus, from 23 degrees down to 14. Simply put, write off May for any new commitments, ventures, adventures, contracts, new jobs, productive job searches for starters!

I enthusiastically welcome Mercury ending its retro and resuming direct motion today — even more than usual — because I. Really. Felt. This. One. Details unimportant. Suffice it to say that these past few weeks have been like walking around wearing a vice clamp.

Or driving with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake.

You don’t get far. You get nowhere: slowly.

But now, with the Mercury retro brake off, I feel free to begin moving forward again.

Speaking of cars …

The lock cylinder on my car door disassembled again. {It happened several years ago.} The spring clip (I believe) came loose and fell into the driver’s door.

Result: The keyhole is not secured flush to the door; to avoid risk of lockouts, I’m not locking the car door.

Fortunately my home and goings-about are in good areas.

The driver’s door needs to be disassembled and the spring clip retrieved by mechanics with those skills and tools. (I have neither!) Arranging that appointment anon.

Mercury retrograde. Things mechanical (and electrical) can turn wacky ‘n’ wonky.

In short, if y’all have found these first few weeks of the new year to be draggy … funky … marked by hiccups … slow starts with no finishes or no starts at all … minor mishaps, misfortunes, misfires or missed connections, you can thank Mercury retrograde.

And rest easy knowing that this 3-1/2-week period’s over. Officially today. The foot’s off the celestial brake; things should and can get rolling again.

Until April 28. That retro’s gonna be a doozy. Alas, I shan’t get ahead of ourselves. Let us cheer today’s Mercury’s return to forward motion in the skies … and our lives!


4 thoughts on “My oh my, say bye-bye to Mercury retro

  1. Ah. Sorry to be bearer of bad news but your birthday falls into the next Mercury retro (April 28-May 22)! Not a *bad* thing; inevitably happens for anyone who’s born. Just sayin’. 🙂

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