I’m not dreaming of a winning ticket

America’s all-a-twitter about the Powerball.

At stake: $1.5 billion. With a b! The biggest in Powerball history. Drawing’s tonight.

My interest in lotto tickets is normally nil. However, those high winnings — ridiculously high winnings! — compelled me to drop 10 bucks for five tickets. All random picks.

Everyone’s talking about what they’d do if they win. Speculating about the friends and family they’d help, the places they’d go, the debt they’d pay off, the charities they’d donate to, the cars or homes or jets they’d buy.

All well and good.

Me, I’m not speculating at all.

Matter of fact, I’ve given nth degree thought to what I’d do with the winnings. Winnings that even after taxes into the millions to the governments and powers that be still add up to substantial wealth.

A lackadaisical attitude thwarts disappointment. Too many occasions and times through life of having hopes raised then dashed has taught me well.

Do I think I’ll win the Powerball tonight? No I don’t. Truly since the odds of winning are so astronomical, I see no reason to fan flames of hope or speculation of what I’d do.

I can tell you what I wouldn’t do!

I wouldn’t quit my job. I love my job (20 hours/week at the radio station).

I wouldn’t buy a new car. Why would I? I love my Subbie. We’re connected. What I WOULD do, however, is get some needed repairs and maintenance done.

I wouldn’t buy a house, piece of property in the United States or abroad, sailboats, jets or Amtrak! — the debt-ridden domestic train system that no doubt would love my millions to rescue them!

My life would pretty much remain status quo. No flash. No over-the-top lifestyle. With the exception of donations to charities, animals in need, etc.

My final thought is: What one person really needs $1.5 billion?? True, it’s possible that three people might hold winning numbers. Point is, it’s such an incredulous and obscene amount of money for one or handful of people to win! This is Kardashian-type wealth.

And who after all wants to be a Kardashian!?

So yeah, I expect to wake up tomorrow with the same amount of money as I’ve got today. I expect to dream of being back in Japan or reconnecting to former Japanese partners, of some unresolved family issue or work matter. Not becoming a millionaire overnight.

But that’s just me. 🙂

Since miracles can and do happen, if I do win, you’ll be the third to know. First to know would be me and second financial advisors and attorneys. Just sayin’. Just in case. 🙂


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