Bubbles ain’t just for champagne toasts

I can’t see clearly now, the wrap is up. 

I can’t see with those bubbles in the way.

A rewrite from the iconic Jimmy Cliff song lyric: “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way.”

Lemme show you sumthin’:

I can’t see clearly now, regardless of rain

A window wrapped in bubbles.

A tip I discovered online. Sites specifically for folks living in mobile homes — and the unique common challenges they present such as thin metal walls with no insulation, drafty windows and frozen pipes and septic tanks.

My mobile home rental is windowed-up the kazoo. Includes two walls with little but window! Well, 9 feet of window PER wall, to be exact! 

Plus two large patio sliding doors. Plus a buncha regular-sized panes.

That’s a lot of heat loss. A LOT.

Not gonna get all technical about heat, heat loss, heat retention, R-value. Plenty of material online if you’re inclined to self-educate.

All you need to know is that bubble wrap is useful for more than protecting items during shipment. 

It insulates.

On the cheap!

You can use the big bubbles or little. Many contend that the big bubbles provide somewhat better insulation than the small ones. More air pockets = more insulation. Makes sense. And that the view is somewhat better and less obscured with the big bubbles over small. On that point I concur.

I lucked out when I bubbled-up. OfficeMax not only had giant rolls of both sizes but a “buy 2 get 1 free” sale. I needed that much wrap, uh huh uh huh!

My wrap’s only 12 inches wide. The 24-inch widths are also available but I didn’t wanna order online.

With my usual meticulousness and precision, I trimmed the wrap to size at each pane. For panes that demanded overlap of wrap, I simply bonded strips with clear packaging tape. Neatly. Can’t tolerate or live with sloppiness!

As a Master of Organization, I devised a system to organize some 2 dozen bubble strips for many panes.

In the corner of each strip I taped on a tiny piece of paper coded with its location. “C-M-1” … “C-M-2” … “C-M-3” …  deciphered “cental middle window” and numbers indicating their order on window from top to bottom. See the discreet labels there at the top?


If you get the impression that I could’ve been a military secret coder, you’d be correct. πŸ™‚

Anyhow. Bubble wrap’s quite effective as an insulator. 

And applying is sooooo simple! Simply lightly spray water on the pane and apply the wrap with BUBBLES AGAINST WINDOW.


The wrap’s easily removed and reapplied should you want to take it down and enjoy the unadulterated view. Or if you simply grow weary of living in a bubble cave. πŸ™‚

If the wrap’s left on indefinitely or the air’s dry, the wrap begins to loosen off the pane. Just respray. Simple!

Bubble wrap’s made a huge difference with my two sliding glass doors, where heat loss is especially significant due to both their size and aluminum frames. (Metal’s exceptionally bad at heat retention / severe for heat loss.)

patio doors bubble-wrapped (privatized too)

patio doors bubble-wrapped (privatized too)

BTW, I can’t winterize by sealing those patio doors off, they’re my way in and out! So the wrap’s very appreciated.

Yes, bubble wrap obscures the view. A small price to pay for warmer and cozier digs AND economic gains. I don’t like paying to heat the outdoors.

Plus it still lets in light. For me, that is beyond huge. It’s VITAL. On the value of light, I know of what I speak, having barely survived the god-awful gray sunless cold damp miserable Pacific Northwest. (Shudders still.)

In short, bubbles ain’t just for champagne toasts. They’re great for taking the BRRRRR edge off those basements and back rooms and any room on a budget. Cheers!

For comparison, the Before & After pix, in reverse:

After Bubble Wrap

After Bubble Wrap

Before Bubble Wrap

Before Bubble Wrap


2 thoughts on “Bubbles ain’t just for champagne toasts

  1. Wow, you have more than snow than I do – somewhat jealous!

    First time, I hear about using bubble wrap as insulation, of course, now I’ve read it, it makes so much sense. Hope you have a bright sunshiny day!

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