Need a good horror flick? Go out to eat!

Whew, that’s a relief to say the least!

Story short, it appeared  that I’d done something late Saturday night at the station to cause the radio transmitter to not switch on automatically early Sunday morning.

No real harm resulted. It remained off for only 15 minutes. Fortunately the new girl — just two weeks into the job so certainly in a panic to walk into a station off the air! — was able to get hold of the manager on the phone at 6 Sunday morning! He walked her through the procedure.

I learned today that the fault lay not in my actions but the transmitter. Techies are required for the fixes. Whew!

I’ve been sweatin’ bullets on the inside the past day thinking it was my fault — my human error — that caused the radio program or transmitter not to fire as scheduled. What a load off!

In other news, speaking of audio, I must ensure to always have earbuds in tow when visiting cafes, eateries, etc.

I came to Wildflower Cafe at an off-time specifically because it’s quiet, uncrowded and relaxing for laptopping.

Wrong again!

Always happens. Yet again, some screaming brat –a boy around 4 — shouted and carried on under the eyes of his loving and permissive  parents. Granted, a coupla halfhearted shushes from the father had zero effect. His two younger siblings, thank god, we’re less intrusive than the Brat Boy.

Still, his ruckus was enough to bring indigestion and cause me to scramble for my earbuds and Pandora full volume. Earbuds sitting at home! Dang! So I pressed one finger hard into the ear closest to the scene of Obnoxiousness and surfed the Net with the other free hand.

Kids are only as bratty as their “parents” allow them to be in public, in others’ homes and etc. If I misbehaved or disrupted publicly even a little as a child, I was promptly and in no uncertain terms corrected by my father. If it happened a second time, out of the restaurant and into the car I went.

There was no ridiculous timeout to “contemplate what I’d done” and other mysteries of the world. Was he too stern? Probably. But guess what. I’m courteous and thoughtful and respectful toward others in eateries.

I dislike kids generally (except the rare well-behaved ones). However, it’s the parents I hate. They breed these little monsters that develop into self-centered, narcissistic, spoiled rotten big monsters in adult bodies.

Imagine having to live for all eternity on planet earth! Shuuuuuuder.

Tonight: new earbuds. Tomorrow: Pandora screaming in my ears. Better Dylan or Tom Waits or Van Morrison than that fucking Brat Boy and every other monster who turns a cafe into clamor.

With parental permission!

It’s past time to apply the same ratings system (i.e., PG, R) to eateries that movies undergo.  I’ve seen, as surely you have, worse HORROR scenes inside cafes than on the big screens!


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