Ciao, Christmas 2015

Baking. Crafting a newsletter* to insert into Christmas cards. Creating those Christmas cards!** Baking again. Writing two freelance stories.

* Not your usual lame newsletter, I assure you.

** I’ve made my own Christmas cards for years and years. Into envelopes with STAMPS they go. No friggin’ e-cards and texts here! I’m a freak.

Don’t know about you but I’m glad Christmas is over.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad Christmas. I’ve endured much darker and far worse than this last. On the other hand, there’s a lot of room for improvement. A lot.

* * *

I’m missing my laptop, which should be arriving at the Mac hospital in Texas about now. See prior pix and post for that unfortunate tale.

I’m grateful for this old iPad that enables Internet access and blogging.

But two-finger typing on a touch-screen sucks! Far prefer the standard keyboard on which I learned to type in summer school circa 7th grade. (Typing speed approximately 85 wpm.) Again, I’m a freak, I know. An old-school freak.

The last man standing in a world gone amok in technology. Fuck that. I love technology in portions. Not as a way of life or at the expense of REAL contact and connection. Does anyone even CARE about that stuff anymore?

Like I said, I’ve made my own Christmas cards for decades. Does anyone do that anymore? (Yes, my sister and my dad when he was here.) Does anyone CARE about keeping it real?

* * *

Wasn’t any easy Christmas emotionally. Private matters with people important in my life. One a family member and that is NEVER fun. Especially painful. Shit. Robots have advantages. Their lives are never fucked up by emotions and people.

* * *

I really am missing my laptop, out of commission now for 1-1/2 weeks. Guesstimate 2-3 weeks until she’s back from the hospital. Sigh.

S’long from the Grumpy Two-Fingered Typist.


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