Peer into the tent if you dare

Take a look at this pic.


Surprise tent


Fun indoor kiddie tent?


Friday evening I’m at Starbucks with a free hour before a meeting. And this. MacBook Pro with retina screen, 15-inch, 16 months old.

Then this. A very tall latte with extra-hot whole milk sprinkled with chocolate, white chocolate, cinnamon and nutmeg.


Laptop plugged in. Screen loaded. I reach for the tall latte to my right.

I send the entire drink minus one sip flying. Across the keyboard. Into the crevices at the fold where screen and body are joined.

In a nanosecond, I dive head-first into a panic at the latte pool. Bolt to the counter with drenched laptop on display mopping up with flimsy thin paper napkins. Eventually a barista hands me a dry rag.

I mop up as much of the latte I can, knowing well it’s seeped into the unit. The barista eventually appears with a rag at my table to clean up the spill across the table, chair and floor. So not ALL went into the laptop. Still. Witnessing what did was a horror.

In kindness, she remakes the latte. I’m grateful. But in such shock, my taste buds are numbed.

I jump onto my phone to research laptop spills. Based on findings and tips from others who’ve suffered spills, I race home heartsick and stomach-sick and scared. And I McGyver a solution, temporarily.

Newish laptop. Pricey too. With no backup. MY BAD. Shit.

I pull the laundry contraption outta the closet.

I pull out too the tower floor fan, used in summer.


Set the fan on its side. I open the laptop all the way. Set it keyboard-side down atop the mesh designed for drying a sweater.


Turn the fan on full force, no rotating!!

Hang a cotton blanket over the homemade Laptop Drier for a tent of circulating air. Close the blanket. Now you know why this ain’t no fun kiddie camp scene. No s’mores or frightening midnight tales here. We’ll, on second thought …



Surprise tent

And I leave it alone and try to go to bed. Ha!! Stress keeps me wide awake until 5 a.m.! That and hours of researching laptop spills, repairs and more.

EVERYONE says: Don’t test or power it on for 3 days. Electricity in a wet environment can short it out. Make matters worse.

I figure it’s toast by the extent of the spill. I couldn’t wait. In less than 24 hours, I try to power it on, out of quick curiosity. The mag lite, where power cord and laptop link, is green. Some hope, I want to believe.

But black screen. And no Mac chime.

I return it to its tent with floor fan round-the-clock.

Try again the next day, 48 hours after the disaster, using the power cord.

It’s slow but powers up!!!!!! A sign of life!

BUT the keyboard is funky-mushy. Sill, reason to hope!

I Unplug and return it to its drying tent. Test again later. Power on power off. Yes.

Today some three days it boots up with and without power cord. It also picks up Wi-fi and email and desktop looks fine.

I’m relieved. Soooo relieved.

Yet it is not out of the woods.

An Apple machine is exquisitely intricate. Sugars, fats, liquids adhere and corrode connections. Sometimes weeks, months or a year later. The sooner a laptop is inspected and properly cleaned up by a qualified repair shop, the better.

Online research leads me to in Houston, Texas. Mac specialists and lovers with an excellent track record of spillage repairs and customer satisfaction.

So today, three days after the drink disaster, the laptop is en route to the Mac hospital. My hope that it can be restored to pristine condition is no longer far-fetched. So I also cancelled the order for a new replacement (not cheap!!) with confidence that the Texas crew could and would do the job well.

If not, god forbid, they’ll tell me. I don’t foresee it.

So you see, my pink tent housed no indoor kiddie campers. It was triage.

God save the Queen. And the MacBook Pro.


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