Do I or Don’t I & Other Joyful News

Never a dull moment.

Is an understatement!

Fry’s Finito?

When asked by locals how my job at Fry’s Food is going, I reply: “I dunno whether I still work there.”

Some issues went down before Thanksgiving. Last I checked the Fry’s schedule after the holiday, I was OFF on my available days; presumably that continues to this day (haven’t gone in to check weekly schedules since).

Evidently in the eyes of Fry’s, either I don’t work there until we talk. Or I don’t work there at all.

Knowing which it is requires a pow-wow for me and management. I’m a worker. Have never in decades of working just walked off a job — though I’ve wanted to plenty! — left an employer hanging or just disappeared without a word.

I don’t really care whether I still work there as it wasn’t a job I desired to keep. I do, however, care that it end right, respectfully and without ill will. Thus in that spirit, I’ll need to make an appearance, hopefully when a top manager’s on shift, soon.


My life took a sudden (though not wholly unexpected) turn for the better when this Fry’s “fiasco” went down.

I was given an extra shift at the radio station!!!! Yes! Yes! And Yes!

It’s one reason I’ve not rushed to meet with the market’s management. Things suddenly changed and got very busy, in a more meaningful and rewarding way.

A few months ago I was trained to run the board for our live afternoon show. The fellow with that shift was so busy with other commitments that he was needing a fill-in. And I was the “obvious” choice on our (small) staff.

Things so remained, me filling in time to time, joyfully, for some months. Was really only a matter of time until the busy fellow needed to let the shift go.

My boss knew I not only wanted it but was ready to move into it verrry quickly. That time officially arrived about a week ago. (Really should’ve blogged on it then!) So the Tuesday evening shift, steadily and weekly, is officially mine!

I looove working there, love being a part of the team, the station’s content, etc. and etc.!

It’s true, it’s still PT (around 20 hrs./week) and requires other employment (that may or may not involve Fry’s, haha).

Yet I’ve been wanting this for so long and am elated that it has come to pass!

I told myself that if I reach the 20 hours/week at the station, I’ll forever drop all Lame Crap Jobs (a decade-plus of those!) and do only what is my passion, purpose and career — writing. Or at the very least jobs I TRULY enjoy.

That time is come. That time is now.

(So makes sense that I’m not runnin’ back to Fry’s. 🙂 )

Lookin’ Back

Not so fast. It’s a tad early for The Year in Retrospect, neither am I prone to producing said.

What I will say is 2015’s been a helluva whopper!!

It began with a new residence — that ultimately became a nightmare with the upstairs neighbors. Still. It was a smidge better than the place prior.

I got a job. A Lame Crap Job, part-time; still a job after a year of looking. I am grateful.

I got trained, hence developed new skills, at the radio station! YES! That job’s grown from 5 hours a week to 11 to 19-20 in my year-plus there. YES! With the station, my answer’s always: a joyful YES!

I moved again. Into a far better situation than the last.

From that arrived other goodies. My health and sleep improved 1,000-fold, my peace of mind grew exponentially. For example.

There are other very personal matters, recent and very challenging developments taking place. So by no means is everything hunky-dory.

Next year looks poised to be verrrry interesting indeed.

Whether or not I still work at Fry’s! (haha)

Just wanted to touch blogging bases before those bases blew into my rear-view mirror. See y’all soon.

(Whether or not I still work at Fry’s. 🙂 )


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