Verizon kicks longtimers to the curb

Well, they did it.

They f-in’ did it. It’s been long rumored that they would. Just when was the question.

Verizon essentially kicked their unlimited data customers to the curb.

We were a rare breed since Verizon quit offering unlimited data for $30 a month in 2011. To be clear, that $30 was strictly for data usage. Other services such as calls and texts had their own costs.

Verizon’s been puttin’ the squeeze on unlimited data users for years with a laundry list of claims (i.e. clogged networks) not to be believed. Unless you do want to buy that slice of (swamp) land in Florida!

Anyhow. It finally happened. November 15. Anyone with an unlimited data plan of the past now bears an extra $20 a month. A deal that used to cost $30 now costs $50 (before taxes). That’s, a what, 77% increase? (can’t remember the figure I read.)

So unless you use THAT MUCH DATA to warrant that jacked-up price, you’re gonna leave the plan. Go to one of their “replacement” plans — S, M, L, XL they’re labeled, how quaint — each with a data cap. Go over it and you’ll pay.

Many customers are understandably looking at the competition. Sprint, T-Mobile, Boost to name a few. Some are offering enticements to lure disgruntled Verizon customers, myself included, into their fold.

It’s only because I’ve got so much on my plate that I’ve neither time nor energy to research the options. So I’m sticking with Verizon — for the time being.

When I read about the price increase on my bill — yes, I still get paper bills AND I read ’em! — I immediately said: “Nope. Not gonna pay that extra $20. Can’t afford it.”

Even with my BAREST-BONES plan of 450 phone minutes a month and a charge for every text (except from Verizon), whether I write or receive it and regardless of whether I read one received, I’m paying $70 a month.

So, like so many others, I was forced into ditching unlimited data — by Verizon design.

I switched to the M plan. The S plan, for the record, allots 1 GB. Average use for most customers is 3 GB.

The M plan allots 3 GB of data use a month for about what I’d been paying for unlimited data. Since I’m no longer on the road and homeless and relying **heavily** on the Verizon network in the middle of nowhere, I’m confident I can keep within the allotted 3 GB.

I’ve been ticked off, frustrated, exasperated even by Verizon during the many years. Loyalty certainly has no reward. Not in the Verizon camp.

A lot of folks have a lot to say about Verizon’s move online. Reportedly you can maintain the unlimited data only if you buy a new phone at full retail ($600-700). And you can pay that in monthly installments over a coupla years. Plus you gotta sign on the dotted line, commit to 2 years.

I smell trouble ahead. I sense customers taking that route are gonna regret it when Verizon throws a curve ball down the road. Read: Price bump.

So I’m not taking that route. Don’t want to be on a Verizon plan regardless. I’ve been month to month for the past two years and plan to keep it that way! No commitment to Verizon makes me a happy camper. 🙂

Yep, they went and did it. Shoved us long- and old-timers with unlimited data off the boat.

V is for Verizon. And victory. Theirs. No winners amongst the customers to see here. Sucks.


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