The lotto ‘n’ a whole lotta light

“Buy a lottery ticket,” he said, the older gentleman manning the Costco gas station.

You know ’em. Those days when no matter what you do, nuthin’ goes right.

Then there’s the flip side. Those good days when everything flows.

People are nice. A driver lets you in.

You find exactly what you’ve been shopping for. Or discover something even better!

You get an unexpected call-back from a job that excites you. Or get more hours at one you love.

You engage with strangers with a smile as if you’ve known ’em for a month. You bump into someone you’ve not seen for a while.

The list is endless. And it’s all good.

A day of magic. A day of mojo.

Such was my day today.

Dunno why and I can’t explain it, neither do I want or need to. Deep down I suspect it’s got sumthin’ to do with a PT job that I’m preparing to release. Or it may release me.

Either way, I’m not working that job this week (requested time-off). Consequently, a spark’s been ignited. Something within’s come alive! Sprung back to life!

As if a weight’s been lifted off my shoulders.

As if I’ve a chance to breathe for a week.

Plus get some important projects and tasks back-burnered due to the draining effects of that job completed!

This coming week’s a mini-vacation. Yet a vacation all the same.

Unpaid but that’s not the point. Point is, my life force just burst through the door. Simply as a result of … not being where I’d rather not be very much longer.

Today was flow flow flow. Flow and mojo. Mojo and flow.

‘Twas beauty to behold. No earth-shattering event or anything. ‘Twas just one of those days when all the little things, the so-called mundane daily occurrences, collectively jived in harmony and positivity, uplifting my spirit and mind, cleansing my worries, releasing me from (job) tasks that genuinely don’t fulfill so that I could just enjoy life again.

So I mentioned that to the Costco gas man. How luck and timing seemed with me today.

“Buy a lottery ticket,” he suggested.

I thought about it. I did. Even though lottery tickets interest me zilch. Figured if I’m gonna get lucky with a scratch ticket, today’s the day.

Then something happened.

While thinking where to go to get that ticket, I stopped at a Starbucks for a seasonal beverage and free pastry — today only for Starbucks card members.

Lo and behold, I bumped into a fella not seen in months! We got to yakking. By the time I got home, ’twas late. Reckoned that as the day’s close drew nigh, so might by flow and luck.

So never did get that lottery ticket. Will never know whether I gave up $500 in winnings in exchange for a chat with that fella.

Even if that’s the case, truth is, that’s OK.

Today was solid, uplifting. A day of mojo. Fruitful. Blessed. Joyful. Relaxed. Centered. Calming. Creative. Lighted.

Lottery ticket or no, is there a better winning?!


2 thoughts on “The lotto ‘n’ a whole lotta light

  1. The old man must have been speaking in code. After all “buy a lottery ticket” could just mean, embrace the randomness of the Universe and let it guide you. Mind you, you have to take the steering wheel from time to time, but it’s nice to just to ride the waves.

    Hope that Thanksgiving gives you even more reason to smile and send good things down your general area!

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