You’ll find fish but not fairness at Fry’s Food.

2.30 in the wee hours. Something’s gnawing at me. If I don’t write on it, a long night of insomnia awaits.

This small fiasco over scheduling & Thanksgiving at Fry’s (post prior) is illuminating something and it’s not sitting right with me on a deeper level.

Employee schedules are computer-generated. Schedules run week to week (Sun-Sat.).

A manager works on the scheduling via computer about 2 weeks in advance.

Any request for time off must be submitted to the manager in writing about 2 weeks in advance. If the request is not submitted in time, the computer will automatically slide an employee into a slot it needs to fill.

The new schedule for the coming week is posted Thursday. Thereby employees get only 72 hours’ advance notice of their coming week.

Fry’s demands 2 week’s notice for any change in your schedule.

Don’t give it and get scheduled on a day you can’t be there and there are burdens, even prices to pay. If you can’t find a fill-in — that’s the employee’s responsibility — then you’re written-up as a no-show. Perhaps even put on probation depending on your performance history. A punitive system.

On the flip side, an employee gets no more than 72 hours advance notice for his/her week ahead. Schedules are unpredictable in days and hours. (Forget trying to plan or commit to anything in your personal life!)

The balance is heavily weighted in favor of Fry’s. You have to give them 2 weeks’ notice for ANY change in availability. And they give you: 72 hours.

It feels grossly disrespectful. Unfair. Because I’ve a very deep sense of fairness (reportedly like the grandfather I, sadly, barely knew), I feel the offense directly, pointedly. And can’t sleep.


Now 3.37 in the a.m. Guess writing/rewriting didn’t spare me from insomnia after all! ‘Night now. Maybe.


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