A stretchy rubber band & sucky situation

It’s not that I have ADD.

Only feels like it! Go! Go! Go! Go here. Go there. Go to job A. Wait. What day am I scheduled? What time?

Go to that job, job B. Thankfully that’s a consistent schedule. Except when I’m filling in for someone. That’s almost as unpredictable as the schedule at Job A!

The move in August was productive, positive, unwanted in some ways yet overall a blessing in disguise. Drawback is I’m on the perimeter of town rather than in its heart, increasing drive time – and gas use – considerably.

When not leaping between two jobs and bountiful errands and tasks, I’m at home working. Unpaid work! Beautifying, repairing, creating, fixing — in short classing-up the place, a former grunge ghetto.

I love the creating! Don’t get me wrong. And being the source of shine and healing to a space that’s been subjected to a lot of sh*t. It’s who I am, it’s what I do. As natural as breathing.

All told, though, I’m a rubber band, pulled, stretched continuously. Might I snap? And what would that look like anyways? Who’s to say! And who’d want to?! đŸ™‚

Intensifying the stress is the latest development at Job A. Called Job A not for its relevance and connection to my soul and purpose but for wear-and-tear and high aggravations!

A computer determines our schedules. We, in the lower ranks that is, know our schedules Thursday for the week starting Sunday, 3 days later. Makes it impossible to plan or commit to anything week to week. That’s another “tensioner” in the rubber band and another topic.

On the flip side, any employee needing a day off must submit it weeks in advance. About 2-3 weeks. Knowing that deadline week to week’s like tracking a women’s menstrual cycle! The one manager who does scheduling herself has a wacko schedule. I never know when she’s in or will be in or is producing the schedule!

So, to the story.

I left B. a note requesting days off for Thanksgiving week, starting unofficially tomorrow. Thanksgiving’s Thursday for any Canadians reading đŸ™‚

They’ve always honored any request for a day off so I’ve no reason to suspect they ignored the request.

However, I was scheduled regardless. Whether it was because B. didn’t get my note in time — and I believed it was sufficient advance notice — or she didn’t act on it in time I don’t know.

Some possibility that she ignored it I suppose. This IS Thanksgiving week! Every day’s Black Friday at Fry’s Food! Even in the slowest of times, they’re woefully understaffed — Fry’s being a revolving door since they treat employees like disposable tools to its own benefits & gains.

So B. may’ve decided “no way is anyone getting time off in our busies week of the year.”

It’s all speculative. Fact is, I’m scheduled for 3 days, INCLUDING Thanksgiving, that I’d requested off.

An employee who can’t work as scheduled is responsible for finding his/her replacement. The how isn’t important. Let’s just say it’s an arduous task, time-consuming and in no way guarantees that you’ll land a replacement.

If for various reasons you can’t find a replacement — and are still unable to be present — then you’re written up as a no-show. Or I suppose fired, if you’ve a history of no-shows. They reportedly issue warnings and put you on probation before that point.

I think it’s safe to say that my chances of securing a replacement for 3 days in a row during the holiday week are slim — and zero on Thanksgiving.

Personally — and it’s hard for me to say this with my impeccable work ethics that too often are my prison bars — I am NOT WORKING AT FRY’S ON THANKSGIVING DAY.

I’ve a gathering to attend, a potluck feast arranged back in October.

And I am not working at a job I truly dislike and have been trying to drop for better for months on Thanksgiving for minimum wage.

It’s not because it’s the worst job I’ve ever had. It’s way down there but it ain’t the bottom of the pit.

Truly, it’s mostly because I want no part of the Fry’s/Kroger ingratitude. Not on Thanksgiving, the one day of the year dedicated to the Feast of Gratitude.

If I had any respect for Fry’s and its parent company Kroger, I’d feel differently but wouldn’t behave differently. I’d still attend the gathering. Historically, it’s extraordinarily rare for me to even share Thanksgiving with people! Normally I’m at some job. Hence my gratitude for the opportunity to simply share the day with others runneth over.

Yet Fry’s is dictating nuh-uh. You’ll be here (and for $8 an hour) and if you’re not, you’ll be punished. Unless you find a replacement.

And good luck with that on a major holiday! And the climate. (So many employees don’t like their job, don’t want to be there, are there only because of our Obama economy.)

The situation’s sucky. I’m screwed.

Today’s is my day off from Fry’s. And a MUCH-NEEDED and valued day off it is too. I’ve soooo much to do. Nonetheless, I’m going in — on my day off — to spend considerable time (unpaid) in the arduous attempt at a replacement for my 3 days that I’m scheduled (even though I requested them off).

If I can’t accomplish this, then I will be punished.

Nice position over the barrel. (Not.)

* * *

Dear God, bring me a better job. Please please please and please. I’d be so grateful to be free of Fry’s and working at a place that I enjoy. Doing work that I enjoy. Thank you, thank you so much Thanksgiving gods, whoever and wherever ye be.



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