Linked-In. More like What’s-The-Link?!

I’m a social-media mutineer.

I’m uninterested in social media and its multitude of manifestations. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram … I’m aware of their presence. However, for example, I’ve never been on Facebook — shock! — and don’t intend to. I had to be practically shoved into blogging back in 2006. You get the picture.

Sorry (not really) but I just can’t hook into the Me-Me-Me-Look-At-Me Culture that’s given birth to exponentially-exploding growth in social media — both platforms and number of people engaging.

I do appreciate their positives. Like that story of a man trapped beneath rubble after an earthquake. No one of course knew where he was and his phone {that he had on him, who doesn’t these days?!} was out of service. (I should say so!) So he texted someone and from that text rescuers located and saved him.

I get that.

But as my father said once when I was child, the {shit} cream rises to the top in life. He didn’t use that word but the message’s clear.

I hadn’t yet experienced life enough to come to the same observation. When I did, I arrived at the same conclusion. The {shit} cream rises to the top in life.

Hence my aversion to social media.

Then there’s Linked-In.

Seems one of the “lesser evils” in social media. The one that’s better circumvented the crap better than other platforms. I got “dragged” into it long after Linked-In arrived on the scene only after a friend whom I greatly respect and trust {the five I have} and who shares my aversion to social media assured me of Linked-In’s merit professionally.

My Linked-In presence admittedly is near nil. I rarely stick a toe in those waters. I haven’t updated in like more than a year. While I do respect Linked-In more than other platforms, in the end, I just don’t care about social media.

But here’s the Linked-In mystery.


Why do I receive invitations from complete strangers in fields with absolutely no connection or relevance to mine? And from strangers with not only no professional connection but no connection by associations (individual or group) or geography?

Today, I got an invite from a program specialist at a Fort Worth independent school district.

One, how the hell did she find me?

And WHY? Again, there’s NOTHING connecting us, save time spent in Texas many moons ago. And trust me, I left no social footprints! Just tire tracks from my Subbie. 🙂

Sorry but unless there’s a sensible, valid or genuine reason to “hook up,” I’m not gonna accept an invite.

Again, this exemplifies my aversion to social media.

I realize it’s “fashionable” on Facebook and other platforms to have a zillion “friends.” More followers means validation of your worth. So padding your media bed with connections and “friends” who are in fact TOTAL strangers is sought. A prized achievement.

Well, I don’t look at it like that. Not even a tiny bit.

So I put it out there to anyone more engaged with Linked-In than I. Why do people with *no link to me by profession, association by group or individual or location* produce an invite?

Please clue me in, shed light on the Linked-In mystery. I’d sure appreciate it! Thank you and best regards from a misfit of social-media


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