What to paint, what to paint upon a palette of pumpkin

You’ve heard of a lady-in-waiting? I’ve a pumpkin-in-waiting.

A kabocha (aka Japanese pumpkin), approximately 2 pounds, beautifully roasted with white onions and garlic.

It’s my palette of pumpkin.


What shall I create upon it?

A soup, certainly.

Yet what kind?

Another soup, a chicken-vegetable soup featuring Indian spices — spotlight on turmeric — is already concocted and on tap in the fridge. Hence not feeling Indian for the kabocha.

I do not care for dairy-based soups. Thus no milk, be it from a cow or soybean or coconut (yeechhhh!!!) shall cross the kabocha!

I’m not averse to the nutmeg-cinnamon-dash-of-allspice route. Lord knows they complement kabocha’s enticingly subtle sweet earthy flavor.

But remember, dear readers, this kabocha, like the onions, is roasted — and thus caramelized. Hence the sweetness of the dish needs no enhancing.

I’ve also considered curry — another traditional route when pairing pumpkin and spice.

Yet, as with the nutmeg-cinnamon-dash-of-allspice option, been there done that.

I’ve a hankering for something different. Undiscovered. Unique to my cooking history. Specifically soup history. (Soups are my strength & speciality, as mentioned yesterday.)

If you’ve any great ideas, bring ’em on! I’m open to suggestions. Just no dairy. Or anything remotely coconutty! 🙂

Well, the time tells me I gotta run to my job. In a grocery store. Perhaps a customer’s purchase of spices will inspire! Perhaps it shall the way as I paint upon my palette of pumpkin! Toodles for now.


2 thoughts on “What to paint, what to paint upon a palette of pumpkin

  1. Well, that’s … interesting. 🙂 Pairing miso with kabocha doesn’t stir up the Yum! factor … but the sweet potatoes certainly bump up the sweetness and with ginger make the dish sound more … palatable. 😉 It’s bookmarked in my Recipes Folder and I’ll certainly blog on it should that time come! 🙂

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