S is for a storm, steel and a song

Gordon Lightfoot and I are soul mates. Momentarily.

Thick gray clouds were plundering the sunlit fields of sky when I rose this morning.

“Uh-oh,” I thought. Not for the storm itself. Or the snow it’s supposed to bring to the higher elevations nearby but won’t surprise if it hits the area.

Rather, at the promise of working in it today. Of pushing some 400 pounds of steel — shopping carts — through puddles and streams and cold winds.

Henry David Thoreau would make it sound all nature-y and romantic.

BTW, a plastic poncho protects not against those elements, contrary to claims by managers at Fry’s Food.

Upon first look out the window, the song “Rainy Day People” popped into my mind.

Then, per my morning ritual, I brewed the coffee and pulled up Pandora. I skimmed past two favorites, Dylan and Van Morrison.

“More in the mood for Gordon Lightfoot,” I thought.

With God as my witness, boom! First tune up: “Rainy Day People.”

Mr. Lightfoot and I share more than rainy day sentiments. We resonate with ships and trains. Wonder whether he could get me on the next train departing the Fry’s Food station.  Lord Gordon knows that when it’s time to go, it’s time to go.


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