BeyondWords.Life: Flash and Foolishness If nuthin’ else, they live up to their name.

The Beginning: recently ran an ad for freelance writers.

Hopped over to the site, liked what I saw. However, there was no indication of pay rates in the ad or on the site.

So I zipped off a quick query:


“Love your site! One question however. Found no mention about pay rates. Are published submissions paid or unpaid? Thanks, (name)”

Time passed. Then a response:

“Dear (name):

“Thank you for contacting Beyond Words. We are currently reviewing all submissions and will be in touch with you shortly. Regards, Editorial Team”


I responded:

“Hello, I submitted nothing. Except a quick query. Answered with an irrelevant canned response. Tsk.”

I’m ever amazed (not in a positive sense) when companies in the communications business fail to do just that. Connect. Communicate.

Beyond Words replied:

“Hello, (name), Thanks for the reply. I will remove you from the email list.”

Double huh?! {incredulously} What’s that achieve? How’s that relate to the question about rates?

It doesn’t. It’s foolish. Irrelevant. It’s stupid.

I replied:

“Huh? Why? That’s silly. Better is replying to the quick query.”

Won’t be hearing from them is my prediction.

The irrelevancy of the responses from Beyond Words, their misdirection, failure to respond to a simple and fair question, and the topper, deleting my name from an email list {what in their minds is that achieving?!}  … it’s beyond words that they operate an online business. Pretty f-ed up.

Beyond Words: Being true to their name. Beyond Words: Writing them off. Into the Companies That Suck Category they go.

The End.


2 thoughts on “BeyondWords.Life: Flash and Foolishness

  1.…I would love to add to the comment about this online “magazine”. I responded to an ad for freelance writers. This ad included pay rates which were pretty impressive. After a month, I received the same message about them going through the submissions and would receive a response soon. Not long after, the job was mine. The mags subject matter includes four categories: Diversions, Glamfordable, Daytripper and Soul Balance. I write often on the subject of self-help and spirituality and was told that Soul Balance was probably going to my niche. Ok, cool. But I did have an article in my head to write about visiting northern Arizona, starting in Jerome, then Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon and finishing in Flagstaff. This submission to write was accepted while my other three submission suggestions for the Soul Balance section were declined.

    Being new, I wanted to impress so I worked harder than I needed to, took too many pictures, etc. (The editor poo-pooed downloaded internet pics even if they were public.) After delivering my first draft, I felt good about my work. Not to say I didn’t expect a few changes, it’s part of the deal and editors seem to like that little bit of control over you.

    So the deal is this. Up to 500 words = $105, 500 to 750 words = $150 and 1,000 words or more = $205. My article had 1,068 words. It was submitted by the requested due date. Ten days later, my mailbox was still empty. No approvals, change requests, publications…nada. I sent and email to the editor querying the status. Two days later, I received a very butchered version of my original article. Except for a few factual items, I accepted the changes figuring since it was my first article, these things happen. However! The word count was now down to 968 or 100 words less and $50 lower. Hmmm. I thought of something pertinent to include in the article that would take the word count back up. I mean, that’s a $50 drop for 32 words. Really?

    The article was sent back and then returned to me quite quickly with “a few more edits”. Now the word count was 979. Seriously? I found enough words to bring the grand total to 1,042. Good to go! And by the way, just where was my payment? The contract states payment upon acceptance. I had to ask for that information and was told it would be provided for me within the week. Great! Checked the mail, and voila! A check for $150. WTF???

    When the article published, the word count was 1,059. Where’s my other $50? Again I sent an email questioning the payment as well as two article suggestions. The reply I received was this:

    “Your published word count, which is the final approved version, has 970 words (not counting a line we added at the request of the Lowell Observatory to use their image). The total published word count is the total that is paid for, so $150 is the correct amount as your article is within the 500-1000 word range. Unfortunately, I don’t see these suggestions being a very ground-breaking piece with regards to beauty and the single parenting article doesn’t resonate with our style of readers; I think we’ll pass.”

    What happened to the other 90 words? And why are there three downloaded internet pics inserted now?

    Beyond Words Life doesn’t resonate with my style of writing or my style of sticking to a contract; I think I’ll pass.

    • @ Lisa O’Brien – Wow. Just wow. What a tale. And many thanks for sharing your experience with BeyondWords. I encourage you to spread the word. It would serve writers to be warned.

      One word springs to mind for them: lowlifes.

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