Transformation From a Can.

Newfound truths. Don’t brush ’em off.

  • Actual paint looks much different than sample chips taped to your walls, on a computer screen or under fluorescent lights at Home Depot.
  • Some 80 percent of the work of painting lies in the prep and cleanup. The remaining 20 percent’s fun: Seeing the transformation from ugly walls into lovely.
  • No matter how much you rinse and run your fingers through the bristles of a brush, you’ll never get all the (water-based) paint out.
  • AND after repeated washings, the bristles WILL eventually dry into a rock-hard slab, rendering the brush useless save for slicing bread.
  • FrogTape is way way waaaaaaaay better than the ScotchBlue painter’s tape by 3M. Very rare that I’m in agreement with public consensus but, after having used both, I am.
  • Paintbrushes have their place. However, as a whole, the rollers provide better — more thorough — coverage. ESPECIALLY when there’s any texture to walls and/or ceiling. A roller — when used properly of course — significantly reduces work time compared to brushes. Which, again, have their place.
  • And the nap matters. Not only for kids. Thicker roller naps for texture. A must-do. Pay for the roller cover that’ll do the job right instead of trying to make do with a thin nap designed for flat surfaces. Truly, nap matters.

These are but some of what I’ve learned in these past several weeks of:

Home Beautification & Repairs

I could not recount the many many miles journeyed this past 1-1/2 months in the new place. I dare not even attempt it!

I’ve been working ALL OF THE TIME.

When I’m not working at one of my two PT jobs (courtesy of Obama’s socialism of America, where FT is now as rare as appearances by the Loch Ness monster), I’m working at home.

Note: Not my home, a rental.

No exaggeration to say that I’m doing something constructive – productive – instructive – from the moment I rise to the moment my All-Work-No-Play-Makes-Jack-A-Dull-Boy self lays head on pillow.

Hell, I haven’t even sat down with the morning coffee to write in my journal or blog — my preferred, nee necessary — morning ritual — for quite a while.

Instead, I’ve poured the java and gone straight to work. First in the home. Then to a job. Then after the job, back home to work more. Not infrequently into the wee hours of 1 or 2 a.m.

A Boss to Forget But Words to Remember

Years ago I had a boss who was lame as a manager. Lance his name was. He really shouldn’t have been a manager but as anyone who’s attentive to life’s teachings learns, that’s most often the case.

Anyhow, it was a Lame Crap Job — menial work for menial pay — amazing how little has changed in 10 years! — and one day he remarked on an observation that I’ve always remembered. “You’re a work machine.”

Granted, it’s not really flattering. Not in the humanist sense. But it is very very very true. When I’m in Work Mode, I AM just like that machine.

I get things done.

I do things well. Supremely so.

I don’t fuck around.

I’m focused. Intensely so.

I’m not easily distracted. I’m single-minded. I know what needs to get done and I do it. No questions asked.


When things need to be done, I am the girl.

Workhorses Never Die

They just collapse. Then rise again.

Such as it has been at home. This space, when I moved in 1-1/2 months ago, was Grunge Ghetto. For more reasons than I could possibly list. Or want to.

Just take my word for it. It was bad. In disrepair. Neglect. And disrespect by prior tenants and, to a certain extent, the landlord who’s too lenient with conditions of things.

Not a TV Infomercial

Paint. The Miracle Cure.

Not entirely but not far off either.

Paint can’t fix a leaking pipe. Or old drafty windows and rotted frames — and don’t me started on that topic! (A LOT to be said about the shitty windows here!)

Neither can paint erase bad things that’ve happened in a space. Like trauma, abuse, violence, unpeaceful deaths and so on.

Paint CAN, however, restore life to a space. Heal, to a certain degree, some of the … darknesses from previous residents … darknesses a space has suffered or endured under human behaviors.

I am officially two walls away from being done painting an ENTIRE mobile home (interior) on my own.

Two walls!

Was 10 when I began.

Joy! Ode to joy, the completion now in view!

Paint With Purpose

So much, so very much more, I could write about my Paint Project. The various colors. How they were chosen — beyond the dozens of Home Depot paint chips taped to walls! WHY they were chosen. The purpose of the colors in each specific room.

But then, day would turn into night into day into night ad infinitum.

So, simply:

My massive paint job’s almost finished! It’ll be by week’s end.

(Much more beautification & repairs remain but the most labor-intensive and time-consuming project will be completed — yey!)

And truly truly truly, I cannot overemphasize this!

If there’s ONE takeaway, one tiny but truly valuable tidbit of information gleaned from this experience and so worth passing on, it is this:

FrogTape Painter’s Tape absolutely is superior to Scotch BlueTape.  Costs a little more but is. worth. every. extra. penny.

It unrolls better.

It tears better.

Adheres better.

Removes better.


It produces lines that are noticeably crisper, cleaner and straighter.

Sorry, ScotchBlue. I tell it like it is. Your quality makes us painters blue. Green FrogTape makes us — dare I say it, yes I dare — jump for joy.






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