Where’s my 12-step program when I need it?!

Can’t stop moving! Can’t stop working!

Can’t stop achieving! Getting things done that need getting done!

I’m that classic overachiever trapped in an underachiever skin — career-wise.

Sandwiched between an overwhelming multitude of moving-related tasks and two PT jobs, I have one free day. One.


Rather than kick back and do nothing, as my body’s wanting and needing — or, horrors!, doing something fun & enjoyable, like maybe a movie — I’m gonna do the most fun of all fun tasks:

Haul a couple loads to the laundromat!

Then haul it back home to line-dry, hopefully before a predicted monsoon hits.

Laziness is not a word in my vocabulary.

I stand corrected. It’s a word to describe others — in particular, today’s generation of people and youths. I loathe laziness.

Laziness was verboten under my father’s reign. It wasn’t permitted. Not for even a moment. There was no rest for the weary.

I remember in the college dorms at UC Berkeley way back when. I’d seal myself in the room to study study study study — while everyone else on the coed dorm floor interacted, engaged, had some fun.

My boyfriend/partner at the time would often knock on the door to encourage me to come join them. “I have work to do,” I’d say — something to that effect. I had to be shown, through his constant invitations, how to put down the textbooks and engage playfully and socially.

I had to be exposed to the VALUE and PURPOSE of fun. Of play. Of simply Not Working.

Some 40 years later, I still have those teachings to learn!


Doing laundry — entailing driving some distance, waiting around doing “nothing,” hauling the loads back and hanging to dry — is, most would agree, not high on the Fun List.

And for someone who’s done NOTHING but work work work work work work and work for weeks, pulling off a big move, ya’d think taking ONE day off — that ONE rare day off for some serious R-n-R — would be a priority!

Not for me!

Someone unplug me! Please! I can’t stop moving! I can’t stop working! I can’t stop doing those things that legitimately and truly need to be done!!

I’m a workhorse. And I’m in Work Mode — because I’ve had to be — and I can’t turn it off!

I mean it. I can’t!


Like I’ve often said, I need a 12-step program. Not AA. Or NA {Narcotics Anonymous}

But WA.

Workaholics Anonymous


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