As unpacking proceeds, so goes the universe

Box by box … the contents come out to breathe.

Item by item … each has its place and finds its place. Perhaps not immediately but eventually.

Sometimes it takes living in a space to uncover an item’s natural place. It’s an organic process.

Everything has a place and everything in its place. As I’ve oft said, the adage I would’ve written had someone not beaten me to it.

I’m as organized in my packing as my unpacking. Organized, mindful, precise, meticulous. Things aren’t tossed willy-nilly into boxes. My packing reflects an orderliness, a logic, a thoughtfulness, a gift at creating systems. Dare I say a method to my madness?!

Good packing is an engineering feat.

I have the gifts.

The paternal grandfather I didn’t know was reportedly a civil engineer for the Navy. My father was also extremely skillful at crafting systems. My son’s a software engineering genius. It’s in the genes, this aptitude for engineering systems on foundations of intelligence, reason, logic and a capacity to see the whole as well as the details.

In a culture utterly lacking in critical thought anymore, these are gifts indeed!

Unlike my father and son, whose engineering strengths are in numbers, mine’s in geometry and spatial reasoning. In high school, I didn’t much care for algebra and trigonometry. But I looooooooved geometry! It came easily and naturally.

Of course I’ve forgotten everything I learned back then! But I harbor a secret hope of one day taking a geometry class again. Or physics.

Point is: You can take the girl outta geometry but you can’t take the geometry outta the girl.

It’s reflected in my packing and unpacking. Items having their place and finding their place — naturally.

In a sense, I let them tell me where they go.

Not to suggest I’m brainless through the process! Unpacking — setting up a new space — is an organic process. Very much so!

Things finding their place is the universe in motion. There’s an intrinsic harmony and flow between all elements. They seek and will find their natural order — if we don’t interfere, get in our own way or theirs!

I’ve got my work cut out today.

It’s my one fully free day. Tomorrow I resume my job/work routine. Boxes neatly stacked to my right need to be emptied or moved to their rightful place in my little storage shed.

Even if things aren’t immediately put in their right place, getting them into the ballpark’s a worthy accomplishment this early in the move. Not yet even 48 hours!

I’m between two worlds.

One foot’s in the old world with the bad neighbors — a story of dissonance and despair.

And one foot’s in this new world that has no storyline. No known storyline, that is.

It’s wonderful to sit at my laptop at my Caribbean blue bistro table with coffee and enjoy this moment: of being here (and not there) with a story, unknown, to unfold.

Kinda like the contents of these boxes! They’ll emerge and find their place like the words of that future story.





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