Yeah, I’m a Work Machine.

A boss at a Lame Crap job even once told me so. Exact words. He meant it as a compliment.

Most folks would bristle at the “machine” aspect. I didn’t.

The Move.

The topic d’ jour … d’ month … hell, d’ TWO months!

The many measurements of waiting — two weeks, seven days, three days, 23 hours, 15 hours — are over.

The move’s accomplished.

Most of it.

Still odds and ends — approximately a tight car load — to do tomorrow on final departure. I’m spending these last two nights here on a skinny camp cot with little but cleaning supplies, food in fridge and stereo with one speaker; the other was moved already.

The cot and this folding patio chair are what remains of the furniture.

I hauled a large heavy bag of frozen and refrigerated foods specifically to the new place yesterday, only to to reminded that the electric’s not on until tomorrow!

So back into the car and to the old place it went! Good thing I’m fit and like weight-lifting!

Don’t Get Me Started

You know how it goes. You clean a spot on a wall. Then suddenly you’re cleaning the entire wall! Then you’re cleaning all the rest!

That happened yesterday.

One wall is painted (light navajo) cinderblock. So highly textured. I bent to clean an adhesive smudge.

And, thanks to the bright clean patch, noticed a film of residue of dirt and oils — normal buildup through time. Largely imperceptible to the eye were it not for that patch of clean that I created!

You know the rest of the story!

I get out the Dawn … then the Simple Green … and “degrease” the entire wall! The high texture requires elbow grease for sure! But it looked better. Shined!

So of course … one wall to the next. Suddenly I’m up ’til 2 a.m. scrubbing the walls in the living room … the kitchen … scrubbing baseboards and the bathroom again.

Cuz’ Simple Green (my newest cleaning discovery) is simply amazing!

Oh yeah, I’m standing on a hamper to clean to the ceiling.* {Which fortunately for this task — and only this task! — is low. My tall swivel chair that substitutes (dangerously) as a ladder is already at the new place.}

*Do not try this at home.

Finally had to force myself to set down the rag at 2:15 in the wee hours! I’m a work machine!

All that late-night a day of little sleep that began {too} early …  pick up the rental truck … move … return the truck … run errands … bounce between old and new places … THEN go to work at 7 p.m. to midnight!

A very long day indeed, yesterday.

Keep Moving. And Gratitude.

If I stop, I might not get back up! {haha – teasing}

I’m running overtime on adrenaline and will.

And a second wind. I may be up to my third wind by now. Possibly fourth. 🙂

Anyhow, the move yesterday (Aug. 29)  went seamlessly — from picking up the Penske to the friendly helpers to the loading/unloading! Only surprise was a monsoon that caught up to us.

We stood around under the eaves of the mobile home patio chatting and waiting for it to pass. As we knew it would. And it did.

We unloaded the only piece remaining — the futon and frame — and called it mission complete! They refused to accept cash for their labors but did accept the Costco pizza!

I am soooo grateful for their help. Four people working goes WAAAAY faster than I do it on my own! Every move for the past 13 years straight has been me solo.

Having help — nee, even requesting it — is not in my repertoire or early life experience. Everything I own — furniture too — I moved into my apartment on my own. Thus I could’ve moved out out on my own.

But I don’t have the resources in time or energy or health.

I am soooo grateful to Maggie and Michael and David for giving up part of a Saturday to help … for their lifting and muscles … working as a team and keeping things flowing. Thank each of you again!

You not only helped me on a practical level but you’re helping me learn a LIFE lesson: How to ask for help when help is needed.

{Haven’t proceeded yet to the Advanced Course: How to Ask for Help Because Giving and Receiving Are Life’s Flow. I’ve A LOT to learn in this Basic Course: Ask for Help Because It’s NEEDED.}

Thank you thank you thank you!

Final Thoughts. For the Moment.

Well, there’s still a “living room” wall to clean and final touches. I want as little left to do on tomorrow’s departure. I wanna glide outta here knowing the place looks spectacular. Bright, shining, in perfect readiness for the next tenant.

Pierce Property’ll send in crappy cleaners regardless. And those crappy cleaners will have nothing to do. Nothing. Yet they’ll put on a show of cleaning. Because they’re being paid. (and farrrrrr more than I’m being paid for the most extensive, deepest, meticulous cleaning ever done on a rental space!)

I’m feelin’ the energy zap, the drain, the sleep deficits. Tonight I work from 6 p.m. to midnight. Gonna be a long day (and night).

So I can’t breathe just yet! Perhaps tomorrow.

Adrenaline and will. My fuel. If I could bottle this stuff, I’d make millions!

Truth told, more than that, I’d like to bottle Hardworking-ness. That’d be my gift to the world. Impeccable Work Ethics. Work Until You Drop But Don’t Drop, Just Keep Going!

I wouldn’t make millions! Not even a dime! No one wants to work any more. Or knows how! Not in America.

(10 minutes with my dad would change that. Not going there!)

Fatigue’s got me punchy. So on that sad socio-cultural reality bite, toddles for now.


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