The End’s So Close, I Can Nearly Taste It

My work here is done.

Such speaketh my knowingness this morning as my eyes sweep across the walls in my apartment.

They’re cleared of self-expression — framed photos, vision boards, the odd strands of shiny Mardi Gras beads.

As importantly, if not more so, they’re cleared of flaws — nail holes and pinholes and dings (whether caused by me or prior tenants) oh my!

No stone in cleaning every surface to perfection is left unturned.

As written in post preceding, such microscopic attention to detail is due to fear of my property management company!

Haha, not true. It IS due to Pierce’s reputation of finding things to ding tenants on even if it means bending truth or making up lies to withhold deposits.

Think like the criminal and you stay one step ahead.

That’s precisely what I’m doing as I prepare the space for my departure.

Forewarned is forearmed an’ all that.

In Related News

Soon as this is written, I’m off to submit a deposit and signature on a lease at the new place.

There’s work to be done there too. Not simply moving things in but the deep cleaning of every surface before unpacking.

I’ve never encountered a cleaning crew that approaches, even halfway, my standards and attention to detail.

Plus deep cleaning by my own hands, heart and mind is natural. Normal. Like laying a scent as does an animal. Imbuing a new space with one’s energy. Getting to know the space.

That means moving refrigerators and stoves, if possible, and scrubbing all that dust, dirt and gunk out  off the appliances and out from under.

Deep cleaning means  being on hands and knees with rubber gloves and a rag and reaching deep and far back into every corner and crevice inside cupboards and cabinets.

Getting the buildup of fingerprints and grease off the handles and knobs on kitchen and bathroom cabinets. The Magic Eraser’s great for that!

I could go on and on. Alas, the clock tells me it’s time to go sign that lease!

Really, the point is, though my work here is done — apart from the actual move and end tasks like scrubbing the shower, emptying & cleaning the fridge, the final mopping — it’s not yet even begun in the next place.

Good thing I’m a hard worker! Extremely hard worker! Work and attention to every detail of this magnitude would exhaust most people just thinking about it!

Toodles for now.




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